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Expat Finland helps non-Finnish speakers, and helps companies reach that market in Finland

This page details Expat Finland's performance, history, and promotions options. You can jump straight to the sections using the menu.

For enquiries please contact:
Stuart Allt
Kaivokatu 10 B 31, 20520 Turku
Phone: 050 4099 785
Expat Finland, www.expat-finland.com is owned and operated by
Stuart Allt Web Design, Y-tunnus: 1771763-0

Expat Finland Mission Statement

Promotions: Expat Finland's Competitive Advantage

The difference from other media is that Expat Finland visitors have a need:
Views of advertisements in most media are accidental. They rely on someone who is not looking for a product or service noticing an advertisement.
Expat Finland visitors usually need something in Finland. About 85% have conducted a search at Google and arrived directly at the Expat Finland page which fulfils that need.

Expat Finland Results at Google

For searches in English related to Finland, Expat Finland often appears on page 1 of Google results. The main reasons include trustworthiness, site longevity, authority and search engine optimisation (hakukoneoptimointi).
*Positions cited below exclude paid Google advertisements which always appear at the top of Google results

Examples from February 2016:

Search term Google.fi Google.com
accountant helsinki Page 1 position 1 Page 1 position 1
finnish telephone operators Page 1 position 1 Page 1 position 1
buy property helsinki Page 1 position 2 Page 1 position 3
long distance buses finland Page 1 position 2 Page 1 position 2
apartments in helsinki Page 1 position 1 Page 1 position 1
banks in finland Page 1 position 2 Page 1 position 2
driving schools in helsinki Page 1 position 3 Page 1 position 2
finnish employment services Page 1 position 2 Page 1 position 1

Expat Finland Clients

Paid Promotions
The first paid promotions were for companies who approached Expat Finland requesting endorsement or publicity about four years ago. They have remained as clients; the longest-standing and best-known include Niemi, Victor Ek, and Forenom. Every Expat Finland client has chosen to renew their contract following the end of the publishing period.

Marketing of paid promotions at Expat Finland has only recently begun as the demands of site maintenance and development have become too great to continue providing free. Most current listings are still unpaid; the companies enjoying that benefit will unfortunately not be doing so indefinitely.

Free Promotions
I feel privileged to live in Finland, and try to 'give something back' by promoting Finnish governmental authorities such as Invest in Finland, Enterprise Finland, Visit Finland, This is Finland, and Infopankki. I also promote cultural organisations such as Books from Finland, published by the Finnish Literature Society. Government authorities will always be featured free of charge, as will various non-profit organisations.

Expat Finland Audience

Expat Finland is not a magazine or entertainment site, it's an information resource. Most visitors have a specific purpose and don't usually return until they need something else. They usually only visit the one page they found in a Google search, get what they need, then leave. There will never be tens of thousands of visitors per day, but the people who do visit are exceptionally well-targeted prospective clients.

Expat Finland Traffic for 6 Months, 2015
Figures for the whole site, July 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015:


Expat Finland only lists reputable companies, which is one reason it has gained trust. Companies featured at Expat Finland gain the benefit of that trust.

WOT Services Oy is a Finnish company running the Web Of Trust (WOT) website reputation rating service. Reputations are primarily based on user ratings submitted from site visitors worldwide.

WOT ratings for Expat Finland:

Similar to WOT, Webutation is an open website reputation community collecting user feedback and customer experience about websites.

Webutation rates Expat Finland 100/100:

Media Comparison: Expat Finland & Helsinki Times

Expat Finland promotion rates vary significantly according to forecast pageviews, the type and duration of promotion, and the product or service being promoted. The following example compares a promotion on Expat Finland's Long Distance Bus & Train Services page and similarly sized ads in the Helsinki Times newspaper, often used by Finnish companies to target the non-Finnish market. I'd be happy to prepare a customised proposal for your company.

Expat Finland 3 months 6 months 12 months
Page Views ≈7 500 ≈15 000 ≈30 000
Visitor time on page ≈4 minutes
1-line listing with link 80 € 120 € 180 €
Paragraph: details & link 310 € 470 € 700 €
Helsinki Times 1 week
Circulation / Levikki 15 000
Reader time on page Unknown
1/16 page (80 x 67 mm) 180 €
1/4 page (250 x 93 mm) 600 €

Prices exclusive of VAT, Hinnat eivät sisällä alv., Expat Finland visitor figures from Google Analytics, Helsinki Times information from www.helsinkitimes.fi > Media Info

Promotion Formats & Placement

Types of promotions are flexible. Common formats are a simple text listing with link, a full paragraph of text with link(s), graphic advertisements, and in some cases promotion on Expat Finland's Facebook and Google+ pages. I have studied audience behaviour and have a good idea what works, and I'm also happy to discuss any ideas you have.

Unlike most sites, the 'Home' page is not usually the best place to advertise at Expat Finland because most visitors come directly to the page they want from a Google search. Promotions will only be placed on pages where they are useful and relevant to site visitors.

Charges are usually based on a fixed-cost publishing period, but payment on a per-click basis is possible.

The following services are provided free of charge as part of promotion agreements:

Expat Finland History & Development

Content continues to be added and the site receives over 35,000 unique visitors per month, with an 'Average Time on Page' of 2½ - 5 minutes. February 2016, Google Analytics

In the Press

Stuart Allt Bio

After finishing university in 1991 I left Australia for 'a year or two' and never made it back. After a year in Japan and another in London, in 1994 I met a Finn in Praha who invited me to Finland for Juhannus. That 3-day trip lasted 3 years and we were married. Her work for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs took us to New York in 1997 where I studied web design and started working for myself. From there we were sent to Tanzania, where we separated in late 2001. Funnily, my Finnish 'ex' stayed there and I came to Finland!

During my travels I have primarily been an English teacher and web developer. I have a henkilötunnus in 6 countries and a good appreciation of cross-cultural differences.

Finland is the country I'm proud to call home; the weather isn't perfect for an Aussie but the people and culture are, in my experience, the best. I share the Finnish philosophy that quality of life is more important than working limitless hours to gather millions. I appreciate Finnish directness, honesty, modesty, and the quest for knowledge.

I have a degree in psychology and industrial relations from the University of Sydney, where I also studied philosophy for a couple of years.