Coronavirus in Finland: Status and FAQs
New cases of COVID-19 remain high in Finland. Please see the following for current information:
Status: Restrictions Regional Bars/Restaurants
FAQs: Finnish Govt info and portal for all aspects of Corona
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL): Latest COVID-19 Updates
Travel: See the Travel section

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Latest Things

Coronavirus: Finland Travel
New cases of COVID-19 remain high in Finland. International and domestic travel remain affected. Masks are not required on public transport. Read more

Ukraine: Finland Travel
Avoid travel to Ukraine and Russia. Finnair flights cancelled &/or disrupted, including travel to Asia. Summary in EF Travel section. Read more

Summer Camps for Kids, 2022
Linguajoy's 4-5 day international summer camps for kids aged 5-12 in June and July have outdoor activities, games, art, science, and a new language every day! Read more

Wild About Lapland, 1-7 July
Active Learning Camp in Rovaniemi, Lapland, for kids and youths aged 12-16. English 24/7. A unique way to discover Finnish nature!
Tripadvisor Certificate of ExcellenceSee more

International Summer Course, 4-22 July
Get to know Finnish language and lifestyle in Jyväskylä, in a fun international atmosphere. Intensive Summer Course organized by the Summer University of Jyväskylä.
Save 50€ on bookings before March 31Read more

Job Market Finland
Launched in May, Job Market Finland replaces the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment's long-lived TE-Services employment portal. 1000s of job listings, services for individuals, entrepreneurs, and employers. Check it!

Finnish Labour Market
Overview of the market, and outlook for 3rd Quarter 2022. Looking good, as recovery from COVID-19 contiinues! Read it!

Uber Expands
Formerly only in Greater Helsinki, Uber is now available in Tampere and Turku. Get in!

City Bikes Open!
Shared bicycles in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa are available April 2022 - October 2022 inclusive. Hop on!

Summer Camps and Language Clubs
Fun, inspiring and adventurous language immersion camps and activities for kids and youths, with a growing variety for 2022!Join the fun

A New Concept in Accommodation
Noli Studios' serviced apartments with hotel amenities are a unique alternative to Helsinki rental apartments. Katajanokka, Sörnäinen, Myyrmäki. Read more

Safe Scooting
Traffic rules for scooters added to the Driving in Finland page. Also, traffic safety Stories for Children! Have a look

Nursing in Finland
Info about studying and practising as a registered nurse in Finland. Read more

Medical Finnish Language Courses
Ideal for healthcare professionals interested in working in Finland. Attain Finnish language skills for a medical environment, and integrate into the Finnish healthcare system. Read more

Online Shopping from non-EU Retailers
New import taxes and customs declaration rules are in effect from July 2021. More info

Summer Camps Are Back!
Language immersion summer camps for kids and youths are on again in summer 2021, with COVID safety measures in place. Join the fun!

Summer University Season!
Eighteen summer universities are offering Finnish courses in 2021. Read more

International Summer Course, August 2021
Registration closing in July! Get to know Finnish language and lifestyle in Jyväskylä, in a fun international atmosphere. Intensive Summer Course organized by the Summer University of Jyväskylä. Read more

Karate for Kids and Adults
KFK Shukokai-Espoo has karate classes for adults and kids in central Espoo, in English and Finnish.Expat Sports

Finnish Labour Market
Figures for April 2021 were 'a mixed bag'. Better than 2020 but poor compared to pre-COVID days. Quarterly summary

Duolingo Finnish Released
The free, long-anticipated course has been added to the Finnish language training apps section. See the apps

Car Hire Discount
5%-10% off at Rhino Car Hire for Expat Finland visitors! Over 50,000 locations worldwide. More info

Tailored Apartment, Tailored Furnishing
Furent helps you locate an apartment anywhere in Finland, then furnishes it the way you want! Furent info

Rental Apartments
Finland-wide Search in English! From studios to large homes.Kodisto.fi

Corporate Accommodation
Agencies with expertise catering to employees on assignment in Finland; well-equipped apartments in Helsinki, Espoo and Tampere.Business Apartments

Condo Project Accommodation
A leader in project accommodation, Condo arranges lodgings Finland-wide for teams of up to 200, as well as in Sweden. Corporate accommodation also available. Condo info

Commercial Property
Finland-wide, Offices, restaurants, warehouses+ Property search

General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR
EU personal data regulation since 2018. Privacy

Popular Things

Quick Guide
Living & working in Finland, step-by-step. See the Guide

All about it: finding, renting, buying, selling... Housing info

Expat Finland Social Media
Finnish fun, tips and news for Expats. Facebook

Fun Things

Finnish Jokes & Faux Pas
Jokes about Finland, and funny Finnglish! Have a laugh

Fingerpori in English
Famous comic strip; strange Finnish humour! Fingerpori!

Finnish Things

All about Finland, by the Finland Promotion Board. finland.fi

Visit Finland
The official travel guide of Finland. visitfinland.com

Finland-wide events & activities in 20 languages. finterest.fi

Government Things

Embassies & Consulates
Foreign representation in Finland. Read more

Maahanmuuttovirasto (Migri)
Finnish Immigration Service. migri.fi

Social Insurance Institution of Finland. kela.fi

Finnish Tax Administration. tax.fi

How to run a business in Finland. suomi.fi

Useful Things

'Opening Hours'
Business hours for almost everything in Finland. aukioloajat.com

Finnish the Fun Way
Grab a gamified app and learn Finnish on the go! Apple iOS and Android. Check them

Finnish Calendar
Calendar showing week numbers, Finnish holidays, and name days. paivyri.fi

Everyman's Right
Your rights and responsibilities for use of others' private land for camping, hunting, fishing, berry picking and more. PDF See the PDF

Nice Things

Finnish Wallpapers
Turn your phone or computer into a view of the lake! See them

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