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Embassies, Consulates & Missions in Finland

An embassy, consulate or mission provides an array of services. These can include:

As of February 2019 there are some 150 foreign embassies and consulates in Finland, most n Helsinki. Not all countries have an embassy in Finland; their activities are handled from the capital of some other country, usually Stockholm or London. Some hundred states have a so-called non-resident ambassador accredited to Finland. Russia has consular representation both in Turku and Mariehamn to complement their embassy's services and activities.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland maintains an accurate list of embassies of foreign states, as well as career consulates and honorary consulates, in Finland. The Ministry's site is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.
www.um.fi: Representation of foreign states in Finland

Also available is a complete list of Finnish embassies, consulates, and missions woldwide.
www.um.fi: Finland's representation abroad, by country.

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