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IESAF, the International English Speakers' Association of Finland

IESAF is a popular, fun and ever-growing non-profit organisation of international English speaking people living in Finland, with about 8,500 members hailing from the U.S, Canada, U.K., Australia, Indian, South Africa, as well as many other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

IESAF organises loads of social events; family events, pub quizzes, holiday parties, game nights, restaurant nights, sports events, picnics, playgroups for children, hobby clubs and related events. A highlight, on the first Wednesday of every month, is IESAF's famous Pub Quiz in Molly Malone’s Irish Bar, which regularly attracts over 100 people.
IESAF's Facebook pages are also great fora for questions, discussions, networking, and sharing of information.
Website: livinginfinland.com

IESAF on Facebook:
Main group
A Taste of Home
Beer Club
Buy & Sell
Knitting Club
Baby & Toddler Group
Tampere Knitting Club
Jobs in Finland

The International Wine & Food Society

The International Wine & Food Society (IWFS) is the world's oldest, most prestigious non-commercial gastronomic association. Its purpose is to increase appreciation of the joys of the dining room table, as well as to improve the food, wine and level of service both in restaurants and at home. The IWFS organises events where like-minded people of all ages meet and enjoy wine and food in good company.

The IWFS Helsinki Branch was founded at Restaurant Särkänlinna in 1987, and there are members in Helsinki, Espoo and Tampere. The Helsinki Branch has held hundreds of events, most of them gourmet meals cooked by the members themselves. Cooking demonstrations and courses have also been arranged at restaurant schools, and members have been invited to a large number of commercial wine tastings and other presentations.

Establishing international contacts is an important activity of the Society, and events include international visits to other IWFS clubs, joint Caribbean cruises and more.
The International Wine & Food Society: www.iwfshelsinki.org

Caisa: Finnish International Cultural Centre, Helsinki

Caisa is the International Cultural Centre in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki. It supports multicultural development of the city by promoting the interaction of people from different countries, and by providing information about various cultures and about Finnish society. Caisa organises and holds concerts, food festivals, exhibitions, seminars, courses, clubs and its own singing competition The Ourvision Singing Contest. Caisa also lets out its various rooms for educational and entertainment purposes and functions closely with different societies and organisations working for similar causes.

Caisa, Finnish International Cultural Centre: www.caisa.fi Phone (09) 310 37500

InterNations - Helsinki

InterNations organises social events in Helsinki. Free basic registration but many events have a cover charge.
InterNations Finland: www.internations.org/finland-expats

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