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Finnish Labour Law & Non-union Dispute Resolution

Finnish Employment Law

Relevant Acts
The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for drafting and consideration of labour legislation. The relevant Acts are available in English from the Ministry's website, and include:

Outline of Finnish Labour Law
The Ministry's website also provides comprehensive summaries of Finnish labour law in the sections:

The Ministry also drafts legislative documents on matters relating to personnel involvement systems, i.e. codetermination in companies, representation on the Board and staff funds.

Visit the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment tem.fi/en/labour-legislation

Non-union Dispute Resolution in Finland

If you are a member of a Finnish union see Trade Unions: Dispute Resolution

If you are not a union member and your employment sector is not bound by a collective agreement, which could therefore be resolved in Labour Court, your terms of employment are still dictated and protected by Finnish employment law. The law defines the minimum conditions for terms of employment.
Individual labour disputes cannot be settled in Labour Court; they can be settled in regular courts but this is a last resort and settlement outside court is highly preferable.

Settlement Outside Court

Settlement in a Finnish Court
Labour law disputes concerning the following matters generally lie within the jurisdiction of regular courts:

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