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Employment in Finland

This section helps you understand your qualifications, find work, and know the terms and conditions once you do. Be aware that becoming employed in Finland is not easy and many people will be competing for jobs, probably including highly qualified Finns. You can also consider Entrepreneurship!

Employment section:

  • The Finnish Labour Market Brief overview of the market and outlook, Growth sectors, Considerations for foreigners
  • Finding Work in Finland How & where to find work - and get the job! Job applications, CVs, & interviews, Sample documents
  • Private Employment Services Private employment agencies, recruitment services, and job search engines in Finland
  • Job Market Finland The Ministry of Economic Affairs & Employment's jobs portal, services for individuals, entrepreneurs and employers, and what to do in case of unemployment
  • EURES Employment Service EURES - The European Job Mobility Portal, Understanding EURES job-search results
  • Foreign Qualifications International comparability of qualifications, foreign degrees, right to practise, regulated professions & authorities, nursing in Finland, trade qualifications and permits
  • Wages & Conditions Working hours, wages, accident insurance, holiday entitlements
  • Employment Contracts Content, duration and termination of a Finnish employment contract
  • Employment Law & Disputes Finnish employment law, non-union dispute resolution
  • Finnish Trade Unions The Finnish system, major trade unions & confederations in Finland, unemployment funds, dispute resolution
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