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Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: Employment Service

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment employment services are abbreviated to TE-Services throughout Expat Finland.

TE-Services: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

The TE Employment Service operates online through Job Market Finland and through TE Offices of which there are over 120 throughout Finland.
Services are offered to the unemployed, those entering working life or currently working, as well as employers and entrepreneurs. Guidance Services are available in English, Finnish, Swedish, and limited Russian.

Employment Services for Job Seekers
Employment offices offer appointments for individual job seekers, as well as online services job seekers can use on their own. These include

TE telephone services
Free guidance for personal customers, and information about TE Offices and services.
Mon-Fri 09:00-16:15
English Tel: 0295 020 713
Russian Tel: 0295 020 715

Employer & Entrepreneur Services
Services are also offered to employers including

Telephone Service for Employers
Mon-Fri 09:00-16:15
Tel: 0295 020 502
You can also submit a contact request to Enterprise Finland for information about employer services in Finland.

Contact Information for TE Offices
Contacts for all offices can be found at
toimistot.te-palvelut.fi Finnish only

Jobs in Finland - Vacancies

Thousands of jobs are listed are listed at Job Market Finland - interface available in English, Finnish and Swedish:
Job Market Finland: tyomarkkinatori.fi/en/personal-customers/vacancies
You can also search the TE Offices jobs service, where you can subscribe to email notifications on open jobs. Finnish & Swedish only:
TE Offices Vacancies: paikat.te-palvelut.fi/tpt/
Note: Vacancies published in Finnish-only almost certainly require the successful applicant to speak Finnish.
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See also: EURES, the European Job Mobility Portal

If You Become Unemployed

If you become unemployed you should immediately register as an unemployed job seeker and start an official job search. You can then apply for unemployment security from Kela or your unemployment fund. As a job seeker, you receive close support from TE Offices from the beginning of your job search.

Briefly, conditions for receiving Basic Unemployment Allowance are that you have been employed for at least 26 weeks during the 28 months preceding unemployment, are 17-64 years of age, fit for work, seeking a full-time job, and registered as a job seeker. The waiting period, during which unemployment benefit is not paid only begins after your have registered your job search. See Kela for details.

Entrepreneurs: A self-employed person may have to terminate business operations to receive earnings-related allowances or other unemployment benefits. However if you are unemployed and already receiving benefits, you can undertake self-employment and continue receiving unemployment benefits which will be adjusted in line with any income you receive from self-employment.

If you do not meet the work requirement you may be eligible for the Labour Market Subsidy
Unemployment Information - Kela: kela.fi/unemployment

Registration as a Job Seeker
You can easily register as an unemployed job seeker in the E-services of TE services. Online banking codes or a personal identity card with a chip are required to access the system.
Instructions: tyomarkkinatori.fi/en/

As a job seeker registered with an employment office, you

TE Office advisors can discuss your skills and employment possibilities. You can tell the advisor what kind of work or training you are interested in, and go through the job-search process. Advisors can draft a job-search plan for you. Apart from job vacancies, your advisor will be able to tell you about other options available to you; these may include work experience placements, work try-outs, subsidised employment, work on combined subsidies, or even apprenticeship contracts.

When visiting an employment office remember to take:

Unemployment Allowance & Waiting Period:
Unemployment Allowance is administered by Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. For details of waiting periods, application procedures and more, see the following Kela pages:
Basic unemployment allowance
How to apply
Amount and payment

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