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Electronic Financial Management in Finland

Summary: Electronic financial management and online accounting in Finland. Services and software which allow paperless, real-time e-bookkeeping and e-accounting. Finns are leaders in electronic financial administration!

Finland is a world leader in electronic financial management, also known as electronic financial administration - sähköinen taloushallinto in Finnish. Introduced primarily as e-invoicing in tech-savvy Finland over a decade ago, development of online accounting and online bookkeeping systems and services has accelerated rapidly in recent years and the scope is increasingly broad. If not already the norm it soon will be, for enterprises of all sizes.

What Is Electronic Financial Administration?
Today electronic financial administration is available for a wide array of accounting and financial management tasks and processes. Online tools are available for desktop and mobile devices, and can be used for ex. sales invoicing, receiving of invoices, notifications to Finnish authorities, and automation of accounting tasks such as creation of reports and processing of claims.

The main benefits of electronic financial administration include speed and efficiency, real-time control of financial management, and the ability for performance anywhere, any time. Instant access to data and information enhances decision-making. Potentially, savings can be made and gains maximised. Furthermore, being paperless, online accounting reduces your organisation's carbon footprint.

The firms below are leaders in the field of electronic financial management in Finland. All offer service in English+.

Systems and Services in Finland

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