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Banks & Branches in Finland

Banking in Finland is usually a simple and efficient process. You may for example be surprised to receive an active ATM (cash machine) card during the short process of opening an account. That visit, thanks to online banking, will probably be one of few visits to the bank you ever have to make.

Finns use the least physical cash per capita in the world; your ATM card can be used in place of cash almost anywhere, using funds from either your credit or debit account. The need for a personal visit to the bank is further reduced because, even if you don't have online banking set up, you can for example use your card to pay bills at Nordea's payment ATMs.

Top Tip: Forget about using cheques / checks in Finland!
Checks have not been in use for over 20 years. If you do need to deposit a cheque into your account it can be a lengthy and expensive process, and may require an appointment with a bank officer. Make sure you have photo ID and your account details with you.

Finnish Banks

There were about 240 'deposit banks' (our traditional notion of a bank) in Finland at year-end 2015, and 15 branches of foreign deposit banks. The three largest banking groups, Nordea Bank Finland, the OP Group and Danske Bank, represented about 73% of the deposit and credit markets. There are also finance companies, mutual fund companies, and life assurance companies. Source: Financial Supervisory Authority 2017

Bank Contacts and Branches

All phone numbers are for personal customers, service Finland-wide Some calls are charged on a per-minute basis.

International Money Transfers & Currency Exchange

Foreign Exchange: Forex is the dominant currency exchange agency in Finland. Banks also provide foreign currency exchange services.
Top Tip: It is worth exchanging large amounts at a time to avoid service charges!

Wires / Money transfers: Money can easily be wired to/from Finland from offices throughout the country. The following companies all have multilingual websites:

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