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Your local municipal website can be instrumental in helping you settle into life in your new location, or help you get a lot more out of somewhere you've been living for years!

Local authorities in Finland have broad responsibility for provision of basic services to citizens, the most important of which relate to social welfare, healthcare, education, culture, environment and technical infrastructure.

In this highly developed information society, the local authorities have played a visible role in the development of broadband connections and other measures aimed at bridging the digital gap, and they have rapidly reinforced their service provision through information and communication technologies. This development has opened up numerous new channels for residents, and resulted in considerable improvements in access to local government services.

Provision of information for non-Finnish and non-Swedish speakers has also increased phnomenally in the last decade, with almost all local authority sites now being published in English as well as Finnish and Swedish. An increasing amount of sites are also being published in Russian, Estonian, and German to name a few.

In short, if you live in Finland you now have a lot of local information at your disposal! It's worth taking the time to look at your local site in detail; you'll discover numerous time and money saving services as well as practical information. A few examples:

  • Public transport & Journey planners
  • Maps
  • Event calendars
  • Online libraries & Culture
  • Tourism and Leisure
  • Sports and Exercise
  • Health Services
  • Education

Your Local Municipal website

Finding your local site is easy! If your city is not linked below simply type www.yourcity.fi in the address bar of your browser. Most sites are available in additional languages to English, Finnish, and Swedish.

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