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International Schools & Private Schools in Finland

International schools, English schools, L'école Française, Deutsche Schule, русская школа, venäläinen koulu in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Oulu, Pori, Imatra, Lappeenranta, Tampere, Turku.

Summary: Finnish international schools and private schools in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Oulu, Pori, Rauma, Rovaniemi, Imatra, Lappeenranta, Tampere & Turku. Primary languages include English, Russian, German, French, and Swedish. Some schools offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge programmes.

These schools promote 'international education' in an international environment. Some adopt a curriculum such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Cambridge International Examinations. Some follow a national curriculum from a country other than Finland, and some follow a modified Finnish national curriculum. This page includes both international and private schools, some with tuition fees while others are free government schools.

Students at international schools are from all over the world, including Finnish nationals. Student intake at government schools is limited and entrance examinations are usually required. Some schools offer admission from preschool age while others are limited to upper secondary school students. Teaching is primarily in the language of the school, but in some schools Finnish language and culture are also studied as part of the general curriculum. Teachers are often from, and accredited by, the country of the school.
Note: Delays may be experienced when trying to contact schools during the summer vacation months (June-August)

International Schools & Private Schools in Finland


The International School of Helsinki:
Language: English
Founded in 1963 and located near the centre of Helsinki, ISH is a private coeducational IB World School divided into two sections: Lower School (Pre-K-5) and Upper School (6-12). ISH offers the International Baccalaureate PYP (Primary Years Programme), MYP (Middle Years Programme) and Diploma programmes.
ISH is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the Council of International Schools (CIS).
ISH is non-selective and entrance exams are not required. The learning programme is in English, student-centered, and includes a wide range of after-school activities and sports. Graduates are admitted to competitive universities around the world.
The International School of Helsinki is a caring, inclusive and diverse community with an active Parent Teacher Organisation. A visit can be arranged by calling the school.

Contact ISH
Selkämerenkatu 11, 00180 Helsinki
09 686 6160

Norden International School:
Primary language: English
Norden is a private international primary school for students in grades 1-6, located in Malmi, Helsinki. Following the Finnish national curriculum with English as the main language of instruction, Norden has a child-centred approach to learning, focusing on students' welfare and development along with academic achievement.
Founded as Kielo International School in August 2015, Norden has students from many countries and fosters an inquiring and supportive environment. Norden's mission is to identify and develop the unique potential of each child. A wide range of activities keeps students active, inspired and motivated throughout the year. Students' and parents' ideas, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged, as Norden International School continues to develop the best possible learning environment.

Contact Norden International School
Vanha Helsingintie 2, 00700 Helsinki
040 176 1961

Kulosaari Elementary and Secondary Schools:
Primary languages: English-Finnish and English
Primary / Elementary School: Bilingual Program English-Finnish stream for pupils in grades 1-6, aged 7-12. Tuition is free of charge.
Website Scroll down for English
Kyösti Kallion tie 1, 00570 Helsinki
Bilingual program and aptitude tests  Tel: 09 310 72053 (14:00‑15:00)

Secondary School: Kulosaaren Yhteiskoulu has Lower and Upper Secondary Schools. In the lower secondary grades 7-9 it is possible to study in Finnish, bilingual, and English classes. In the upper secondary grades 10-12 English Stream, teaching is partially or completely in English. Aptitude tests are required for enrolment. Please visit site for details and application procedures. Tuition is free of charge.
Ståhlberginkuja 1 (Svinhufvudinkuja 6), 00570 Helsinki
Tel: 09 2289 180

Maunula Elementary and Secondary Schools:
Primary language: English
Primary / Elementary School: Classes in English are part of the school programme for pupils in grades 1-6, aged 7-12. They are intended for English-speaking children living temporarily or permanently in Finland and for Finnish children returning to Finland from abroad. Applicants must take an English aptitude test; these are held February and August. Tuition is free of charge.
Website Scroll down for English
Maunulanmäki 5, 00630 Helsinki
Tel: 09 310 76965

Secondary School: Maunulan Yhteiskoulu has International Classes for students aged 13-16 in grades 7-9, of Finnish or other nationality, who have received their elementary education in English - either in Finland or abroad. Students must take an English aptitude test if their competence is not otherwise proven. General testing is in January but students can also be tested and admitted throughout the year when moving into the country. Tuition is free of charge.
Kuusikkotie 3, 00630 Helsinki
Tel: 09 777 110 12

Ressu Comprehensive School:
Primary language: English
Ressu is a city-operated school offering the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme for grades 1-4, and Middle Years Programme for grades 5-9. The school is intended for students 7-15 years of age and has primarily Finnish-speaking classes. Those wishing to enrol in English classes must take an aptitude test. All pupils study according to the Finnish comprehensive school curriculum and the IB PYP and MYP programmes. Tuition is free of charge.
Website Finnish
Lapinlahdenkatu 10, 00180 Helsinki
Tel: 09 310 82102

L'école Française Jules Verne:
Primary language: French / Français
Belongs to the "Agency for French Teaching Abroad" network, and provides the French curriculum, according to official instructions from the French Ministry of Education, from kindergarten to high school. Jules Verne welcomes children from both French-speaking families and those who do not speak French.
Lönnrotinkatu 37, 00180 Helsinki
Tel: 09 565 1926

Lycée Franco-Finlandais d'Helsinki:
Primary language: French / Français
Lycée franco-finlandais est une école d’État avec une mission spéciale qui a un programme varié dont l’accent est mis sur le multilinguisme, l’esprit d’ouverture, l’esprit de communauté et la communication.
Raumantie 4, 00350 Helsinki
Tel: 0295 33 2500

The Deutsche Schule:
Primary language: German / Deutsch
Private coeducational school for students aged 7-18, employing German as the language of instruction. Students take the Reifeprüfung as their matriculation examination.
Malminkatu 14, 00100 Helsinki
Tel: 09 685 0650

The Finnish-Russian School:
Primary language: Russian
The school offers a preparatory class for six-year-olds, comprehensive school, and higher secondary school. In addition there is a private day-nursery, Kalinka. The languages used are Finnish and Russian. The school is free of charge, but the day-nursery and afternoon-care that the school organises are payable.
Kaarelankuja 2, 00430 Helsinki
Tel: 0295 332 400


Espoo International School:
Language: English
Grades 1-9. International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) for grades 7-9. Admissions are open to children whose home language is English, or who have sufficient fluency in English to cope in the classroom. All pupils study according to the Finnish comprehensive school curriculum and the MYP programme. Tuition is free of charge.
Opinmäki (Lillhemtintie 1), 02250 Espoo
(combining Postipuu and Komeetta schools´ English speaking classes 1-6 and Espoo International School´s grades 7-9)
Tel: 09 816 39124

Etelä-Tapiolan Lukio:
Primary language: English
Etelä-Tapiolan lukio (ETIS) is an upper secondary / high school with tuition in Finnish for the regular curriculum, and in English for the IB Diploma Programme. ETIS places emphasis on social sciences and cultural awareness, entrepreneurship, and the arts.
IB Programme
Ahertajantie 5, 02100 Espoo
Tel: 09 8163 9101

Mattlidens Gymnasium:
Primary languages: Swedish / English
Mattlidens Gymnasium is a coeducational Swedish-speaking upper secondary school in Matinkylä. Of the 640 students, about 150 study in the IB section. The school prepares its students for the Finnish matriculation examination, and the ones in the IB section for the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The language of instruction is Swedish and, in the IB section, English. The school also organises the DELF (Diplôme d'études en langue francaise) exam in French and the DSD (Deutsches Sprachdiplom) in German.
Mattliden 1, 02230 Esbo
Tel: +358 46 877 1814


International School of Vantaa:
Primary language: English
Grades 1-9, for children whose home language is English or with sufficient English fluency to cope in the classroom. The school has some 600 students and aims to produce competence, self-motivation, and the ability to function in an international environment. The general framework is determined by the National Board of Education with the school developing its own tailor-made curriculum within these parameters. Many subject areas are incorporated into thematic units, allowing students to build on their own strengths and learning styles. French, Spanish, and German are offered from grade 4. Compulsory Swedish instruction begins in grade 6. Student selection is based upon oral and/or written assessment in English. The school accepts, predominantly, children living in Vantaa.
Hagelstamintie 1, 01520 Vantaa
Tel: +358 50 304 1068


Oulu International School:
Primary language: English
An IB (International Baccalaureate) world school owned by the City of Oulu, offering the Primary Years (PYP) and Middle Years (MYP) programmes. OIS follows the National Core Curriculum and the IB guidelines and standards. Students should be able to cope with English tuition and express themselves in English.
Kasarmintie 4, 90130 Oulu
Tel: 050 371 6977


English Classes at Cygnaeus School:
Primary language: English
"An international school within a Finnish school." Cygnaeus School has an English kindergarten and grades 1-6. Students follow the same curriculum as Finnish schools but classes are taught in English. French and German are offered as elective languages. Applicants must pass an admissions test, demonstrating their ability to receive all instruction in English.
Tasavallankatu 1, 28100 Pori
Tel: +358 44 701 3580

Porin Lukio Upper Secondary School:
Primary languages: English / Finnish
Porin Lukio is a non-graded general upper secondary school. The age bracket of students is generally 16-18. The Study Program in English is conducted in both English and Finnish: obligatory courses are taught mainly in English apart from Finnish lessons - Finnish as mother tongue or Finnish as a second language - and foreign languages. Study counselling is available in English. The matriculation examination is conducted in Finnish. All applicants to the English stream will be invited to an entrance test in English.
Tasavallankatu 4, 28130 Pori
Tel: 044 701 9492


Ecole Areva MLF de Rauma:
Primary language: French / Français
As part of the AEFE "Agency for French Education Abroad" network, Ecole Areva MLF de Rauma follows the French curriculum from kindergarten to high school. Teaching provided by the school complies with the demands, curricula, teaching objectives and organisational rules of the French education system, and students from AEFE-accredited schools can pursue their education in another French school without having to take an entry examination.
Satamankatu 17, 26100 Rauma
Tel: 044 324 46 87


Lyseonpuiston Lukio:
Primary languages: English / Finnish
Lyseonpuiston Lukio offers teaching in Finnish for the national upper secondary school programme and in English for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The IB section comprises three grades: preparatory (preDP), 1st year (IB1) and 2nd year (IB2). After IB2 students take part in the worldwide IB examinations. If successfult they are eligible for award of the IB Diploma. The school accepts students through an entrance test in April.
Website - IB
Ruokasenkatu 18, 96200 Rovaniemi
Tel: 040 831 5279

South Karelia

IB World School - Imatra & Lappeenranta:
The International Baccalaureate Diploma is an international matriculation examination. The IB programme offers students an excellent route to university studies both in Finland and abroad. The South Karelia IB World School operates in two units, in Imatra and Lappeenranta.
Lönnrotinkatu 3, 53600 Lappeenranta
Tel: 040 689 5313
Koulukatu 2, 55100 Imatra
Tel: 020 617 5712


Finnish International School of Tampere (FISTA):
Primary language: English
1st-9th grades. Children who live in Tampere Region and speak English as their mother tongue, or otherwise have sufficient knowledge of English, can be admitted as students. Children may be admitted to first grade from the age of seven, or from the age of six subject to an assessment of school readiness. Language proficiency tests are conducted in February of the year of application.
Satakunnankatu 60, 33230 Tampere
Tel: 040 631 2469

Tampereen Lyseon Lukio (Rellu):
Primary languages: English / Finnish
Tampereen lyseon lukio high school - 'Rellu' for short - offers three programmes of study: a general high school programme, a Social Sciences programme (formerly European Studies) and an IB programme taught in English and culminating in the International Baccalaureate exam. An entrance exam is required for the IB programme. Application forms at site.

F. E. Sillanpään katu 7, 33230 Tampere
Tel: 040 806 3897


Turku International School:
Primary language: English
Turku International School offers primary (grades 1-4), secondary (grades 5-9) and upper secondary education. The first two of these conform to the National Framework Curriculum, but use some ideas and content from the IBO Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the Middle Years Programme (MYP) in teaching and assessment. The upper secondary education is based on the IB Diploma Programme.
The school is intended for foreign-born children living temporarily or permanently in Turku Region and for Finnish children returning to Finland after years abroad, as well as for Finnish children competent enough to receive education in English.
Kraatarinkatu 4, 20610 Turku
Tel: 046 922 4778

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