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Coronavirus in Finland: Status and FAQs
New cases of COVID-19 remain high in Finland, but All COVID-19 restrictions are currently lifted.
Please see the following for latest information:
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FAQs: Finnish Govt info and portal for all aspects of Corona
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL): Latest COVID-19 Updates
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Summer Camps & Language Clubs in Finland

Language Camps and Clubs!
Fun and adventurous language immersion summer camps in Finland for kids and youths. In summer 2022 the camps are on, with COVID safety measures in place. Often the main languages are English and Finnish, but some camps offer a variety of languages.
Also gaining in popularity are 'language clubs', both online and in-person, which imbue enthusiasm for language and cultural learning.

Summer Camps in Finland

Linguajoy Summer Camps 2023
Each summer Linguajoy Language Clubs arranges international language summer camps in Helsinki, with outdoor activities, creative arts and science projects, drama, games and music. The camps feature English as the main language but also introduce a new language every day - Mandarin Chinese, French, German and Spanish. The Summer Camps 2023 schedule will be similar to 2022's, which included 4 camps for kids aged 5-12, lasting from 4-5 days throughout June and July. Visit linguajoy.fi/en/camp/ for info!
Phone 041 319 6675
Web www.linguajoy.fi
Facebook www.facebook.com/linguajoy/
Address Heikkiläntie 2, 5th floor, 00210 Helsinki

Wild About Lapland 2023
Each July Wild About Lapland holds an Active Learning Camp in Rovaniemi, Lapland, for kids and youths aged 12-16. Discover the arctic and learn from nature in a respectful community.
The 2023 camp will be similar to 2022's, which included 6 nights in Nature Centre, day trips, nature activities and healthy meals, all with COVID-sanitary measures. English language 24/7 with professional English and Finnish staff. Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence
Info: Active Learning Camps
Phone +358 40 568 8570
Web wildaboutlapland.com
Facebook facebook.com/wildaboutlapland/
Address Kansankatu 14, 96100 Rovaniemi

Jyväskylä Summer University 2023
Intensive summer course in Finnish language and culture
Each July you can learn Finnish language and experience Finnish culture for 3 weeks in Jyväskylä! The next course will take place from July 3 - 21, 2023. Sign-up will open in November 2022.
The course is similar each year, with an ≈80-hour teaching programme and ≈60-hour cultural programme. The course is open to anyone over age 17. Language lessons take place during the day, with the free time programme offering sauna, evenings around an open fire, trips to the beautiful nature, visits to nearby cities and more. A rewarding journey into Finnish language and culture!
2022 Course Information kesayo.jyu.fi *registration is closed

MoovKids 2023
MoovKids Summer Camps emphasise physical movement, development and wellbeing. Camps in 2023 will have a similar schedule and structure to the 2022 camps: 3 camps in June-July for children aged 5 to 12. Professionally run and great fun, including healthy meals/snacks, 9:00-16:00 each day.
Karate Camp (ages 8 to 12) Basic karate punches, blocks, stances and kicks are taught, and a variety of games and other sporting activities are interwoven into the karate camp days. Children are in level-appropriate groups.
Summer Sports Camp (ages 5 to 8) The most popular camp, including a variety of indoor and outdoor sports and activities using a wide range of equipment. Skill-focused coordination activities are incorporated into all sessions to improve coordination, flexibility and fitness. Children also enjoy free time in one of the three nearby playgrounds.
Gym/Karate Camp (ages 5 to 8) A wide variety of movement activities that build coordination and physical self-confidence, as well as providing cognitive benefits. Children benefit both physically and academically while learning and having fun!
Web moovkids.fi/camps *2022 camps are closed
Facebook facebook.com/moovkidscom
Address: Finnoonlaaksontie 7, 02270 Espoo, 2nd floor  Map
Tel: 050 576 3492

Language Clubs in Finland

Linguajoy Language Clubs
Fun language courses for children and adults! Children aged 2 to 14 can learn Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese. With native teachers and a multi-sensory curriculum, students genuinely explore and learn languages through games, arts, science, music, movement, and drama. Children's courses are held at daycares, primary schools, community houses, the Linguajoy language centre, as well as Online / Live!
Adults' courses with a focus on Travelling the World with Confidence are also available at the Linguajoy language centre, as well as Online / Live. Finnish, Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Swedish.
Phone 041 319 6675
Web www.linguajoy.fi
Facebook facebook.com/linguajoy/
Address Heikkiläntie 2, 5th floor, 00210 Helsinki

Language Clubhouse
Inspiring teachers, families, and children that learning together is fun! Language Clubhouse offers after-school English Clubs for children aged 4-10, teaching young learners English as an additional language. The clubs instil a spark for language and cultural learning, building self-confidence and a sense of belonging. The digital learning resource is easily accessible on any device, with a well-designed clear method, pre-curated materials, structured lesson plans, and ready to use digital learning materials.
Language Clubhouse's philosophy is that the younger you start learning new languages, the more positive outcomes in future learning. Learning an additional language through play is fun and easy!
Language Clubhouse's online program is certified by Education Alliance Finland. Welcome to a free lesson!
Phone Becky Luoma +358 40 911 4110
Web clubs.language-clubhouse.com
Facebook facebook.com/langclubhouse/
Address Louhelantie 5, 60420 Seinäjoki

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