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Finnish News in English plus

YLE - the Finnish Broadcasting Company
YLE is the government broadcasting network. All YLE TV and radio news broadcasts, along with TV shows and more, can be found at YLE's online service Areena. You can also follow YLE News on Twitter and Facebook

YLE News in English schedule for Radio:

YLE - All Points North
Weekly 30-minute podcast in English looking at the Finnish news and stories about Finland. Hosts and guests include foreign residents and non-Finns by birth, presenting issues from a perspective unique in Finnish news. Available on YLE Areena, Spotify, and subscription via iTunes.
Areena: areena.yle.fi/1-4355773

Helsinki Times
Established in 2007, Helsinki Times is a weekly newspaper published in English. It is published on Thursdays and on sale at bookstores and kiosks. It is also available for subscription, and online (free).
Currently Helsinki Times has a cooperation agreement with Helsingin Sanomat on the publication of selected Helsingin Sanomat articles, translated from Finnish into English.

An independent site by Helsinki-based English/Finnish journalist Nicholas Anderson. FinnishNews covers news from and about Finland, with content, stories and columns about society, the environment and politics. FinnishNews has a strong Nordic viewpoint – one which respects democracy, the rule of law, and sustainable and transparent policies.

Daily Finland
Based in Rovaniemi, Lapland, this may be the world's most Northerly newspaper! Daily Finland is published online, free, in newspaper format, and offers Finnish and global news in English. The paper operates under the ethos "Uphold credibility, professionalism and ethical norms of journalism, and never indulge false, fabricated or misleading information."

Finland Today
News, Politics, Culture, Business, Lifestyle. "Finland Today brings you something different, we help you integrate; we bring you news beyond the ordinary news feed."

Trade Union News from Finland
Don't be fooled by the name; this is an interesting site! From 1997 Finnish journalist Juhani Artto provided reports on Finnish industrial relations and employment relationships in this comprehensive online newspaper. Heikki Jokinen took the helm in 2013, and Trade Union News from Finland remains a quality publication. For researchers in the field in particular, thise site is a gold mine. Juhani's archives from 1997-2013 are still available.
Trade Union News from Finland

News from Around the World

Numerous free, live online news channels are available in many languages, including English, Arabic, German, French and Russian. Check the following links for other language options.

Magazines & Blogs

Her Finland
A very nicely presented site by Varpu, a self-described "blonde, travel-loving Finnish engineer and cinnamon bun expert" whose mission is to help you experience Finland like a local, get to know the Finnish lifestyle, and travel the country like a pro.
Her Finland has practical travel tips, trip plans and destination guides, all sorts of lifestyle and culture info, dating tips for Finland, restaurant and café guides, and recipes for Finnish classics like salmon soup, pea soup, cinnamon rolls and cream-filled buns. Yummo!

Books from Finland
Books from Finland is an entertaining and informative online journal in English, of writing from and about Finland. It features fiction, non-fiction, poetry, interviews, news and reviews, and is designed for those with an interest in Finnish literature – and anyone interested in Finland and its culture.

OVI - Free Daily Multilingual Magazine
OVI (The Door) is a daily online magazine with articles, essays, reviews, poetry, cartoons, photography and more. OVI was started in 2004 by Asa Butcher (hates tea, bananas and panpipes), Thanos Kalamidas (loves jazz music, burritos and sports on TV), Tony Watts (an Englishman with high cholesterol) and John Pederson (an American). After sixteen monthly issues, OVI went daily in mid-2006.
As of January 2015 OVI has well over 10,000 articles from numerous contributors. Everyone at OVI has done a huge amount of work over the years for very little reward but a warm fuzzy feeling inside - well done and thanks!
Open The Door www.ovimagazine.com - Sections in English, German, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish!

Migrant Tales
A 'blog community' put together by 7 contributors, which:
"...debates some of the issues facing immigrants and minorities in Finland and elsewhere. It aims to be a voice for those whose views and situation are understood poorly and heard faintly by the media, politicians and public. All of the associate editors have pseudonyms in order to protect them as well as their families from harassment by people who would like to shut us up. This is how bad the situation has become in Finland for those that speak out against racism, xenophobia and social exclusion."

Expat Finland does not subscribe to the opinions expressed within the Migrant Tales site, and my personal experience as an immigrant is not like those decribed therein. My personal opinion is that the statement "This is how bad the situation has become in Finland" is inflamatory and seems out of place in the introductory page About Migrant Tales. However, Migrant Tales is listed in the interests of free expression, and undoubtedly of interest to some readers.

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