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Religion in Finland & Places of Worship

Introduction to Religion in Finland
Prior to Christianisation, Finnish paganism was the primary religion, worshipping a number of different deities. The principal god was the god of thunder and the sky, Ukko. Today most people in Finland are, at least nominally, members of a Christian church, but since the 1980s there has been a significant increase in the number of people without religious affiliation. As of 2019 about 69% of the population were members of the main national church, the Lutheran Church of Finland, with just over 1% belonging to the second national church, Finland's Orthodox Church. There are also Catholic, Jewish and Islamic congregations as well as numerous smaller religious communities.

There has been complete freedom of religion in Finland since 1923. Religious Education is a compulsory school subject, but every pupil can receive Religious Education according to his or her own religion (more information).

Places of Worship in Finland / Contact Information

The Chaplaincy cares for the pastoral needs of Anglicans and Episcopalians in Helsinki and throughout Finland.

Service times and information available from:
The Anglican Church in Finland's website: www.anglican.fi
Anglican Church in Finland
Tehtaankatu 23 B
00150 Helsinki
Churchwarden Tel: 050 309 9132

The Catholic Church in Finland is formed by only one Diocese, Helsinki, which comprises the whole of Finland.

Information available from:
The Catholic Church in Finland's website: www.katolinen.net
Catholic Information Centre
Pyhän Henrikin aukio 1 B
00140 Helsinki
Tel. 09 612 9470

International Evangelical Church
The International Evangelical Churchis an interdenominational congregation.

Information available from:
The International Evangelical Church in Finland's website: wwww.church.fi
IEC Center
Tähtitorninkatu 18 A
00140 Helsinki
Tel: 050 569 5936

The Finnish Islamic Society is the leading Islamic community in Finland. Activities are multicultural and multi-ethnic.

Information available from:
The Islamic Society of Finland website www.rabita.fi
Lönnrotinkatu 22 A 5,
00120 Helsinki
Tel: 094 289 3751
See also The Helsinki Islamic Center: www.hic.fi

Jewish Community Synagogue and Jewish Community Center (Orthodox).

Information available from:
Jewish Community of Helsinki, Finland's website: www.jchelsinki.fi
Additional information: Kosher Delight - Finland
Malminkatu 26,
00100 Helsinki
Tel: 09 586 0310

Comprehensive website in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Information available from:
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland's website: www.evl.fi
See also the International Congregations page, listing services, courses and programmes in English in many cities.
Main Office:
Satamakatu 11,
00161 Helsinki
Tel: 09 18021

Churches, news, events and more now available in limited English.

Information available from:
The Orthodox Church of Finland's website: www.ort.fi - Ru, Fi
The seat of the Archbishop of Karelia and All Finland is in Kuopio:
Karjalankatu 1,
70110 Kuopio.
Tel: 0206 100 230

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