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Home Moving to Finland QUICK GUIDE Step by Step to Finland
Relocation Services What do Relocation Services do?
Finnish Relocation Services
International Movers International Moving Companies
International Moving Checklist PDF
Storage & Warehousing Self-storage & warehousing facilities
Studying in Finland Study In Finland
Study Programmes
Admission to Higher Education Institutions
Erasmus & Other Exchange Programs
Finnish Education System, & Joining
Student Financial Aid
Financial Adi for Foreign Students
Student Housing
Work & Residence Permits Finnish Residence Permits
Working In Finland
EU Citizens & Equivalent Persons
EU Citizens & Equivalent: Self-Employed
Non-EU Citizens: General Information
Non-EU Citizens: Employed
Non-EU Citizens: Self-Employed
Family Member of a Finnish Citizen
Permits For Students
Administration Inside Finland
Citizenship Multiple / Dual Nationality
Citizenship of Finland
Application for Finnish Citizenship
Population Register Population Information System
Immigrants from Nordic Countries
Address & Postal Services Change Of Address (Notification of Move)
OmaPosti Online Mail
Automatic Contact Updates
Mail Forwarding & Other Services
Post Office Locations
Importing & Customs Duties Importation of Personal Belongings
Importation of Motor Vehicles
Importation of Pets
International Pet Shipping
Moving Away from Finland Change of Address Notifications
Tax / Verohallinto
Retirement & 'Old-age' Pension
Trade Union
YTJ / BIS - Terminating a Business
Bank Account
Collect Your Deposits
International Removals
International Moving Checklist PDF
Housing Housing, Conditions & Utilities Heating, and District Heating
Housing Companies & Shares
Utilities & Setting Up Your Home
Furniture Rental
Conditions of Residence
Real Estate Terminology Property Advertising Terms & Abbreviations
Printable PDF
Finding Housing in Finland Guide to Using Finnish Search Engines
Finnish Housing Search Engines
Furnished Apartments About Finnish Furnished Apartments
Furniture Rentals & Services
Project Accommodation About Project Accommodation
Real Estate Agents Real Estate Brokerage in Finland
Estate Agents' Services
Finnish Realtors Directory
Selling Property General Information for Sellers
Selling an Apartment
Selling a House
Renting an Apartment or House General Information
Lease / Tenancy Agreements
Security Deposit
Rent Increases
Disputes & Law
Buying Property in Finland Types of Housing Purchases
Purchase by Foreigners or Non-residents
Transfer Tax
Terminology of Apartment Purchases
Investment Property in Finland Introduction & Overview
Helsinki vs. The Rest of Finland
Residential Property, Helsinki
Residential Property Market Reports
Residential Property Prices
Investment Advice & Property Management
Advice for Landlords
Tax on Real Property and Rental Income
Commercial property
Home Loans / Mortgages General Information
Repayment Capacity & Credit Check
Collateral, Guarantees & Pledges
Tax Advantages First-time Homebuyers' Transfer Tax Exemption
Tax Deduction / Credit for Housing Loan Interest
Capital Gains on Property - Tax Exemption
Tax Deduction for Renovations & Repairs
Financial Assistance Council Housing / State-subsidised Housing
Kela Housing Allowances & Supplements
Student Housing Student Apartments
Types of Student Housing
Finding & Applying for Student Housing
Furniture Rental
Emergency Accommodation Homelessness & Crisis Accommodation
Violent Situations
Living in Finland The Finnish Language When Finns Speak - Humorous article
Language Courses Finnish Language Schools and Courses
Medical Finnish Language Courses
Corporate Finnish Training
Free Finnish Lessons on the Web
Studying at Finnish Universities
Summer Universities
Finnish - English Dictionaries
Culture & Cross-culture Finns and Finnish Culture
Personal Perspectives
thisisFINLAND: Finnish Culture
Finterest: Cultural Events & Activities
InfoFinland - Information Bank
Museums in Finland
Public Libraries in Finland
Books from Finland
Caisa: International Culture Centre
Joulupukki: A Very Scary Christmas!
Finnish News & Magazines Finnish News in English plus
News from Around the World
Magazines & Blogs
Taxation Finnish Tax Administration
Income Tax in Brief
Tax for U.S. Citizens
VAT Rates
Tax Card Applications & Revisions
Tax Administration - Telephone Service
Social Security Permanent Residence - What is it?
Application for Social Security Coverage
Residence-based Social Security
Employment-based Social Security
Financial Aid For Students
Guides & Links to Further Information
Public Healthcare Patient Fees
Kela Card
European Health Insurance Card
Cross-Border Healthcare
Getting Medical Treatment
Municipal Health Centres
Organ Donor and Non-Donor Cards
Blood Donors
Pregnancy & Maternity
Foreigners' Crisis Centre
Private Healthcare Medical Care for Travellers
About Private Health Care
Private Healthcare Providers
Education The Finnish Education System
Vocational Education & Training
Joining the Finnish Education System
Religion in School
Preschools & Kindergartens Foreign Language Preschools & Kindergartens
International Schools Foreign Language Schools
Religion General
Religion in School
Driving in Finland General / Road Rules & Regulations
Tyres: Types for Finnish Seasons
Using a Foreign Driving Licence
Obtaining a Finnish Driving Licence
Driving Schools & Instructors
Exchanging a Foreign Licence for Finnish
International Driving Permit / Licence
Sale or Purchase of Used Car
Vehicle Information and Data
Vehicle Registration & Taxation
Katsastus / Vehicle Inspection
Driving Tips & FAQ's Quick Guide to Driving in Finland
City by City - Regional Sites
Finnish Jokes
Fingerpori in English!
Employment Finding & Securing Work Finnish Job Application & CV
Europass CV
Finnish Job Interview
Where to look for work in Finland
Private Employment Services Services with sites in English
Services with sites in Finnish
EURES Employment Service EURES - European Job Mobility Portal
Understanding EURES Search Results
TE Employment Service Services for Jobseekers & Employers
Contact Information for TE Offices
TE Employment Search - Job Vacancies
If You Have Become Unemployed
Foreign Qualifications Right to Practise a Profession
Recognition of Foreign Qualifications
Academic and Vocational Qualifications
Regulated Professions & Authorities
Trade Specific Permits
Wages & Conditions Wages
Working Hours
Rest Periods
Safety & Health at the Workplace
Accident Insurance
Employment Contract The Written Contract
Duration of Contract
Termination of Contract
Employment Law & Disputes  Finnish Employment Law
Non-union Dispute Resolution
Trade Unions Unions in Finland (+ Unemployment Funds)
  Dispute Resolution
Which Trade Union to Join?
Trade Union Confederations
Rights & Responsibilities of Employees
Entrepreneurship Establishing a Business Introduction to Starting a Business
Starting a Business: Professional Services
Suomi.fi: Advice for Entrepreneurs
Registering a Business: Trade Register
Business Information System (YTJ / BIS)
Online Forms, Notices & Applications
Opening a Corporate Bank Account
Business Premises Office Space and Commercial Property
Virtual Offices, and Meeting Rooms
Accounting & Auditing Firms Finnish Accounting Firms - Multilingual Service
Finnish & International Auditing Firms
Electronic Financial Management  What is Electronic Financial Administration?
Systems and Services in Finland
Accountancy & Notifications In Brief
Self-assessed Taxes
Annual Notifications
Business Taxation In Brief
Taxation of Various Forms of Business
Finnish Tax Administration
Employer Information Introduction
Main Responsibilities of Finnish Employers
Occupational Health Care
Obligations of a Foreign Employer
Assistance with Employer's Obligations
Pensions for Employers & Entrepreneurs
Statutory Accident Insurance
Pay Subsidy for Employers
Development & Finance Financing a New Business
Business Development Advice
ELY Financing & Development Services
Finnvera: Financial Services
Employment Subsidy for Employers
Lawyers & Legal Representation Legal Representation in Finland
When Should You Contact a Lawyer?
Civil Proceedings
Finding a Lawyer
Specialist Lawyers
Legal Aid
Finance Banks in Finland Finnish Banks
Main Bank Contacts
Money Transfers & Foreign Exchange
Bank Accounts & Charges Opening a Bank Account
Bank Charges
Interest Rates
Online Banking Introduction
Starting Online Banking
Bank Loans & Credit Cards Bank Loans
Credit Cards
Interest Rates
Debt Management
Disputes with Banks
Insurance - Life & General General (non-life) Insurance
Life Insurance
Insurance Consumer Protection
Connections Forums Finland Forum
Groups & Clubs International English Speakers Association
Helsinki Toastmasters Club
International Wine & Food Society
Caisa: International Cultural Centre
InterNations - Helsinki
Friendship Associations International Friendship Societies & Associations
Embassies & Consulates List of Embassies & Consulates
Events & Sports Events & Happenings Social Events
Events by Activity
Events by Location
Finland-wide Events Calendars
Expat Sports Sports & Sports Facilities
Sports for Kids in Helsinki
Australian Rules Football
American Football
Baseball & Softball
Cycle Touring in Finland
Fishing in Finland
Thai Boxing
Jolly Dragon
Borgå Akilles - Porvoon Akilles Sports Club
Sports Facilities
Bicycle Repairs & Sales
Finnish Sports Ice Hockey
Cross-country & Downhill Skiing
Rally Driving & Spectating
Folk Racing (Jokamiehenluokka, Jokkis)
Tour Skating - Tour de Skate
Ice Swimming
Telecoms & Media  Telephone Services Mobile / Cell Phones and Accounts
Prepaid Mobile & Data Services
Networks / Operators
International Calls: Choosing Operators
Cheap International Calling
International Country Calling Codes
Landlines / Regular Phones
Internet Services Providers Internet Connection Prices
Home & Mobile Broadband ISP's
Television Digital TV & Equipment
TV Programmes, TV Guide in English
Public Broadcasting Tax
Pay TV - Premium Channels General Information
Pay TV Channel Access & Smart Cards
Terrestrial and Cable Signals
Subscribing to Pay TV Channels
Net TV / IPTV Finnish IPTV
Subscriber Internet TV
Free Finnish Internet TV
YouTube TV
World News Channels
Satellite TV Sky Television
Finnish Satellite TV Operators
Radio Stations Private Stations List & Search
Online Radio - Streaming
National Radio Stations
Foreign Language Radio
Travel & Transit  Finnish Travel Guides VisitFinland.com
Outdoors & Pational Parks
Berry & Mushroom Picking
Finnish Activities & Adventures Famous in Finland
Finland & Regional Information
Year-round adventures
Sauna and Spa
Winter Activities
Winter Adventures
Rally Driving
Finnish Travel Agencies Top Tips
Online Travel Agencies
Full-Service Travel Agencies
Accommodation General information
Holiday Homes & Serviced Apartments
Cottages & Cabins
Bed and Breakfasts
Camping & Camp sites
Cruises & Ferries Tallinn, Åland, Stockholm & Beyond!
Cruise Lines & Routes
Archipelago & Local Ferries
Flights & Airports Comparing Flights & Prices
Domestic Airlines in Finland
International Flights
Airports & Airport Services
Long Distance Buses & Trains Buses & Coaches
Long Distance Trains
Cheap Train Tickets: Veturi
Long-distance Journey Planner
Domestic Freight & Courier Service
Local Public Transport Helsinki Region Transport & Tickets
HSL App, Card & Card Readers
Helsinki City Bikes
Helsinki Airport - Public Transport
City by City - Public Transport
City by City - Route Planners
Local Ferries Finland-wide
Suomenlinna Ferry
Car & Vehicle Hire / Rental Car Hire Companies & Brokers
Rental - Other Vehicles
Car Sharing - City Car Club
Shopping Who Sells What? Finnish Retail Directory
Shops: Opening hours
Online Shopping ALV / VAT and Customs Duty
Positive Online Shopping
How to Register at Finnish Sites
Shopping Directory: Online Retailers
Groceries Supermarkets
Saving Money on Groceries
Market Halls / Kauppahallit
Butchers, Fishmongers & Greengrocers
Online Grocery Shopping
Customer Reward Systems Loyalty Cards
Joining a Customer Reward System
Sales, Specials & Deals Finding the Sale Prices
ALV: Sales Tax FAQs ALV Tax Rates
ALV: Included in price?
ALV, Customs and Online shopping
Media  Media Information Media Packages & Traffic Profile
Contact Contact Expat Finland Contact Information
Finnish Desktops / Photos
Safari: Add to Home Screen
Chrome: Add to Home Screen