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Change of Address: Finnish law requires that the Population Register be notified of your change of address no earlier than a month before the day of your move, and no later than a week after the day of your move. But it's easy!

Authentication is required for most online services at Posti. You can login to OmaPosti and other Posti services using your personal online bank ID, Posti username or a Finnish Population Register Centre ID chip card.

Mail Delivery Days
Delivery of 'normal mail' - letters, cards etc - is no longer daily. Use your postcode to search mail delivery days in your area at posti.fi/en/

Address Notification

All YOU have to do is notify the Finnish postal service Posti of your new address, and they will notify several authorities. For example, Posti provides the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) with your Notification of Move. It further automatically informs several companies and organizations of your new address. See Automatic Contact Information Updating for details.

The easiest ways to submit a Notification of Move are:

Bonus! If you go personally to the post office you will also be given "I've Moved!" postcards for informing friends and relatives in Finland of your new address - cards and postage free of charge!

Automatic Contact Information Updating

When you provide address / contact information to Posti, in addition to notifying the Population Register Centre and Maistraatit, many companies and organizations are informed of your new information. This can be a good thing in terms of receiving mail, but it can also be an irritation in terms of unwanted marketing etc.

Some people have become part of this network without realising it. If you'd like to opt out, go to:

When you receive a letter from Posti confirming a change of address, check the companies and organizations which have been informed. Also, don't forget to personally inform other parties concerned of your new address, including:

OmaPosti Online Mail

OmaPosti is a free online mail service from Finland's postal service, Itella, also known as Posti. Rather than receive paper letters, OmaPosti allows you to receive your letters in electronic form from over 4,000 enterprises, organizations and authorities. The service is content-neutral and independent of delivery operators. Apart from mail, you can track parcel deliveries, receive notifications when invoices are due, and more. You can use OmaPosti with any device.

With a big reduction in paper usage, easy and environmentally friendly OmaPost is available for Finnish residents over 15 years of age.

Information and Registration at www.posti.fi

Mail Forwarding & Other Postal Services

Posti will automatically forward all mail addressed to the old address of a person who has filed a change of address notification for one month free of charge.

The easiest way to ensure that you receive all your mail after the first month is by ordering the Moving Home forwarding service. Using the service, mail to your old address will be forwarded for one year, so you have plenty of time to give your new address to your friends and all companies you like.

Ordering the extended forwarding service: When you have filed a change of address notification, you will receive a moving home confirmation. An order for the mail forwarding service for a year is included in the confirmation letter. You can order the service by approving the offer.

Moving abroad

When you move abroad, Posti will forward letters and postcards to your address aboard. Other shipments will be returned to the sender or processed as undeliverable. You can request the Redirection Abroad service in connection with your move abroad for one year at a time. A moving abroad notification can be submitted on the internet, or with a change of address notification form available at your nearest Posti outlet. Further information

Holiday Mail & other services
Additional services such as Holiday Mail (temporary mail redirection) and Delivery Interruption (mail stored at post office during your absence) are available from Posti. Further information

Post Office Locations

You can find details of post offices, service points and letter boxes from Posti online by entering a post code, city, municipality or district as the search criteria. Search results include the post office address, post code, opening hours, maps, and delivery.
Service Point Search

Posti Customer Service

Customer Service by phone: Guidance and information on all Posti services; prices, post offices, postal codes, delivery, home delivery, etc. Some service numbers are premium calls
Customer Service Numbers

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