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Importing to Finland & Customs Duties

This page is a summary only and there are exceptions to the below conditions. Please visit the Finnish Customs (Tulli) site for detailed information on declaring goods, online purchasing, travelling, moving to / from Finland, gifts, and more.

Importation of Personal Belongings & Household Effects to Finland

From EU countries
When a person moves to Finland from another EU country, his or her personal property is, with certain exceptions, admitted free of taxes and other restrictions applied to importation. For example, VAT is collected on a new means of transport, if the vehicle has been acquired for use in Finland and if the other prerequisites for tax levy are met. Restrictions are imposed by prohibitions justified by e.g. public morality, public policy or public security, or the protection of health of animals or plants.

From Non-EU countries
When a person moves to Finland from outside the EU, the EU Regulation on relief from customs duty and the Finnish Value Added Tax Act are applied to the removal goods. By virtue of these statutes, the personal property, i.e. the removal goods, of an immigrant arriving from outside the EU may be exempted from customs duty and VAT on the following conditions:

For latest information see Finnish Customs :
Importation of Personal and Household Effects, Removal Goods, Gifts, and more
Site: tulli.fi

Importation of Motor Vehicles to Finland

Importation of Vehicles, General: A vehicle intended for registration in Finland can be used temporarily free of tax if a declaration of use has been submitted to the Finnish Tax Administration prior to taking the vehicle into use in Finland. In such cases, the car tax declaration must be submitted within 5 days of the confirmation of the declaration of use. The declaration of use confirmed by the Tax Administration must be kept in the vehicle when the vehicle is used.

The Finnish Tax Administration's Car Tax section provides details on taxation and use of vehicles. The guide deals with importation of new and used passenger cars, delivery vans and motorcycles into Finland from EU countries as well as from outside the EU. Sections include:

Car Tax: vero.fi

See also:

Importation of Pets to Finland

Please note that animal import regulations change often, and sometimes at very short notice! Always consult the relevant authorities directly for current regulations!

Animal import regulations vary according to species and country of origin. In general, animal imports from EU countries are subject to different import requirements from countries outside the EU, and pets travelling alone are subject to different regulations than pets travelling with their owners.

The number of pets that may be brought to Finland is currently restricted to five.

Holidays With Pets
Generally animals transported from one country to another must bear identification and have a pet passport and a veterinary health certificate showing that they have a valid anti-rabies vaccination and other required health information. Dogs require an anti-echinococcus treatment. Identification can take the form of a microchip or clearly readable tattoo, but regulations apply as to whether tattoos are acceptable. Time restrictions apply to the validity of certificates and vaccinations. In movement between EU countries the pet passport functions as the health certificate. From non-EU countries where the rabies risk is particularly high a certificate of a test showing the efficacy of the anti-rabies vaccination is also required.
Check at Ruokavirasto, below, for latest regulations.

Finnish Authorities

International Pet Transportation

Travelcargo - Pet Express is the oldest company in Finland handling Animal Logistics, and an accredited member of IPATA, the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association.
Services include:

Head Office: Manttaalitie 8, 01530 Vantaa, Finland Map
Web: www.travelcargo.fi Site in English, Finnish
Tel: local 020 7856 660 int'l +358 20 7856 660

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