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Relocating to Finland: Relocation Services

Relocating abroad is a challenge with benefits. You may become bilingual, you will almost certainly grow more adaptable, and you will build contacts on an international level. This article will be of interest to people relocating to Finland on a global assignment:

YLE News article, 24.01.2015 Relocated Foreign Executives Happy with Services in Finland:
Finland Relocation Services surveyed 53 foreign executives and experts relocated to Finland. Respondents were generally positive. They praised the support of public authorities and appreciated Finland's public services. They found Finns friendly, honest and efficient, they felt accepted in Finland and were able to get by easily in English. On the downside were low income, high taxes and - for those who tried - the Finnish language.

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What do Relocation Services do?

A relocation service directs and manages the process of relocating a company or family to Finland with a range of services which ease the transition, reducing stress and interruption. Companies benefit from increased productivity, commitment and employee retention.

Services can include:

Relocation services generally contact new employees before they are due to move, chart their needs, and create a plan for settling them in Finland quickly and smoothly.

Finnish Relocation Services

These relocation companies are all well established with good reputations, effectively providing the above-mentioned services:

In To Finland

By no means a relocation service as described above, In To Finland nevertheless provides certain relocation-related services useful for some clients. In To Finland is a shared service point of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland Kela and the Finnish Tax Administration, and provides advice and assistance for:

At the In To Finland service point in Helsinki you can for example apply for a tax card and the worker-specific tax number required in the construction industry. Or, people coming to work in Finland temporarily can obtain a Finnish personal identification number without having to visit the local register office.
In To Finland: www.kela.fi/web/en/in-to-service-point-for-those-coming-to-work-in-finland
01.01.18: This link is broken, but there is no indication at Kela that the In To Finland service i discontinued. May be temporary error
Address: Salomonkatu 17, doorway A, 2nd storey, 00100 Helsinki
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 09:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:00

Kela can also be contacted by individual and institutional clients with questions about moving to or from Finland:
Hours: Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00
Tel: 020 634 0200 for service in Finnish or English
Tel: 020 634 0300 for service in Swedish

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