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Relocating to Finland: Relocation Services

Relocating abroad is a challenge - with benefits. You may become bilingual, you will almost certainly grow more adaptable, and you will build contacts on an international level. This article will be of interest to people relocating to Finland on a global assignment:

YLE News article Relocated Foreign Executives Happy with Services in Finland:
Finland Relocation Services surveyed 53 foreign executives and experts relocated to Finland. Respondents were generally positive. They praised the support of public authorities and appreciated Finland's public services. They found Finns friendly, honest and efficient, they felt accepted in Finland and were able to get by easily in English. On the downside were low income, high taxes and - for those who tried - the Finnish language.

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What do Relocation Services do?

A relocation service directs and manages the process of relocating a company or family to Finland, with a range of services to ease the transition. Employees enjoy reduced stress and interruption. Companies benefit from increased productivity, commitment and employee retention.

Services can include:

Relocation services generally contact new employees before they are due to move, chart their needs, and create a plan for settling them in Finland quickly and smoothly.

Finnish Relocation Services

These relocation companies are all well established with good reputations, effectively providing the above-mentioned services:

NextLink takes relocation services to a new level, with personal service aimed at making a person’s move to Finland not only smooth but memorable, meaningful and cool rather than a series of mandatory tasks - without breaking the bank! NextLink's special expertise is bringing global IT talent to Finland quickly and easily.
NextLink offers a fully comprehensive relocation package all the way from Visa and Residence Permit applications to helping with every requirement in Finland. For instance, finding an apartment, helping to get personal ID, a bank account etc. NextLink does everything with the person, in person - they will not be unattended at any point of the relocation. For NextLink, creating an excellent relocation experience is the most important aspect of their operations.

Contact NextLink
Joonas Liimatainen
local 041 473 2161 int'l +358 41 473 2161
Julius Hauhio
local 050 552 8582 int'l +358 50 552 8582

Return Ticket
Established in 1997, Return Ticket's expertise in personnel internationalisation helps companies, employees and families make assignments in Finland a success. Tailored relocation packages are available, including units in Pre-arrival (ex. visas/residence permits/applications), Home Search & Setup, Daycare / preschool / schooling, Settling in, Spouse support (Education, CV, opportunities, employment), Practical advice, Culture training, and Language training. Each unit is independent and can be ordered separately.
Expat Guide: All Return Ticket clients receive a hard copy of the Expat Guide to Finland, by Marja Saviaro, delivered in advance to their home country. The Guide focuses on planning your assignment in Finland. Step by step, it helps you avoid mistakes and surprises, saves you time, and helps you settle in more quickly upon arrival. Practical instructions and information on matters such as permits, schools, daily life and healthcare are included. The Guide can also be ordered from   Guide information

Contact Return Ticket
Helsinki Office: Liljasaarentie 3, 00340 Helsinki
Marja Saviaro
local 040 703 2535 int'l +358 40 703 2535

Companies House Finland
Starting life in a new country can be confusing and time-consuming. Companies House aims to have your expat personnel in Finland feeling at home from the beginning, with all types of settling-in support. For foreign companies posting employees to Finland, relocation services are ideal and include for example:

  • Assisting employees with work permits and local registrations
  • Helping with practical matters such as bank accounts, finding a home, insurance and utilities
  • Assisting families in arranging school and daycare

Services are tailored to your needs, and your employees can focus on the business they've come to do. Companies House also provides Business Establishment Services, getting your subsidiary or branch in Finland up and running with minimal effort from you. Services are available in English, Spanish, and Finnish.

Contact Companies House
Head Office: Tilanhoitajankaari 12 D 111, 00790 Helsinki
local 045 125 9595 int'l +358 45 125 9595

Finland Relocation Services
In 1994 FRS became Finland's first specialist relocation service. FRS facilitates effective international employment and global mobility with relocation and residence permit services, and additional services such as integration, spousal support, HR and recruitment, and tax advisory and compliance solutions, for moves to or from Finland.
With its international partners FRS can provide relocation services between third countries. FRS aims to increase productivity, reduce stress, improve staff retention and enhance company image. FRS' website includes informative articles covering expat issues. Servicing the Greater Helsinki area, Tampere, Salo / Turku and Oulu - other locations available on request. Offices in Espoo, Oulu and Tampere.

Contact FRS
Head Office: Olarinluoma 12 B, 02200 Espoo
local 09 502 1220 int'l +358 9 502 1220

Alfa Mobility
Founded in Sweden in 1995, Alfa has emerged as a relocations leader in the Nordic countries. Alfa's full-time team of consultants assists with all practicalities associated with a foreign assignment, providing immigration / visa, work / residence permit, pre-arrival, post-arrival and departure relocation services, along with home finding and temporary accommodation services.
Additional services include international moving and secure storage. Alfa has offices throughout Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and partners with quality global mobility providers worldwide.

Contact Alfa
Visiting Address: Elimäenkatu 5, 00510 Helsinki
local 020 793 1100 int'l +358 20 793 1100

International House Helsinki

International House Helsinki (IHH) is not a relocation service as such, but it offers some relocation-related services. Coordinated by the City of Helsinki, IHH provides advice and assistance for newcomers to, and employers in, the Helsinki metropolitan area.
IHH offers a wide range of information and services for immigrants, as well as free advisory services to employers on issues related to an international workforce.
Web: www.ihhelsinki.fi
Address: Lintulahdenkuja 2, 00530 Helsinki
For immigrants, Tel: 09 310 111 11
For employers, Tel: 040 922 5126
Hours: Monday to Friday 09:00-16:00

Kela can also be contacted with questions about moving to or from Finland:
Hours: Monday to Friday 09:00-15:00
Tel: 020 634 0200

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