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Victor Ek offers storage facilities in Finland, and worldwide moving services. Visit www.victorek.fi or phone +358 9 125 11 for a quotation in English+

Storage and Warehousing Facilities in Finland

Storage can become a necessity when you simply don't have enough space, but it can also be a way to save money. If you're heading overseas on a business contract for three months, for example, you might prefer to store your gear rather than keep your rented apartment for that period.

The companies below are long-established and reputable, and offer storage and/or warehousing as part of their services. Their facilities are all clean and modern, with high security and fire protection. They generally offer short-term to long-term storage for business or private customers, and can accommodate your needs whether you require space for just a few boxes or a whole houseful of belongings.

Additional services can include:

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