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Come to Study in Finland!

Learning is well respected in Finland, and the high standard of education is one of the cornerstones of Finnish culture. For foreign students, studying and training in Finland is a perfect way to acquire academic and professional experience as well as personal growth through living in one of the world's most peaceful, sustainable, and innovative countries. A great place for independent thinkers! Finland is a safe country where things work and nature is always close by.

Finnish educational institutions cooperate extensively with their counterparts in many countries, so there are lots of ways for you to come to study in Finland. This page provides a good starting point.

If you are already in Finland, see also:

Study In Finland

There are two sites which will tell you all you need to know:

Study In Finland is the place to start if you'd like to do a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral degree in Finland. It details all the Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences, and study programmes available. See the step-by-step guide and other information including:

The Finnish National Agency for Education's Internationalisation Services branch, formerly CIMO, promotes international cooperation and mobility with emphasis on education, training, employment and young people. They implement and administer numerous exchange and trainee programmes and award scholarships for students, researchers and teachers.
Student scholarships are mainly intended for postgraduates who have completed a master’s degree.
Visit www.cimo.fi to learn more.

International Study Programmes Database

The International Study Programmes Database at the Study In Finland site provides information about programmes taught in English at Finnish higher education institutions. The database lists over 550 study programmes.

Some programmes are short courses which can usually be taken only as part of an exchange programme (Non-degree Programmes). Other, broader-based programmes take several years to complete and lead to an official Finnish higher education degree (Degree Programmes).

You can search by academic field, institution, program or level. From the programme descriptions you can continue to the institutions' websites for more detailed information.

Visit www.studyinfinland.fi/database

Admission to Higher Education Institutions

Admission to Finnish higher education is organised by the educational institutions themselves. That is, each university and polytechnic in Finland independently selects its own students. The following links will help you with information about:

Study In Finland's Admissions page: www.studyinfinland.fi/how_to_apply
University Admissions Finland: www.universityadmissions.fi
Polytechnics Admissions Finland: www.studyinfo.fi

Finnish Universities - Admissions Pages

Erasmus & Other Exchange Programmes

Erasmus Programme
More than 7000 foreign exchange students annually come to Finland via the Erasmus exchange programme to spend a semester, or a whole academic year, at a Finnish Higher Education Institution. The Erasmus exchange is targeted at European students who are studying for a degree programme at a higher education institution in Europe, and have completed at least one academic year of studies. The students receive a grant for the studies abroad from their home institution.

How to become an Erasmus exchange student
You can apply for the exchange through the International Exchange Office of your home institution. The Erasmus coordinators there can provide you with information on the available Erasmus student exchange destinations, grants, application periods and other details.

Erasmus traineeships as part of degree studies
In addition to study periods abroad, the Erasmus programme offers the possibility of obtaining a work placement in another European country. The basic criteria are:

If you are interested in an Erasmus placement in Finland, your first step is to contact the International Office of your home institution for more information.

Other Exchange Programmes
The Study In Finland website also provides information on the Generation Study Abroad, FIRST, Nordplus, ISEP, and North2North exchange programs.

Visit www.studyinfinland.fi > What to Study? > Exchange Programmes

Financial Aid for Foreign Students

Summary only. Source: Kela, January 2018
If you are not a Finnish citizen and have come to Finland for study purposes, the general rule is that you cannot get financial aid from Finland. However, you may qualify for financial aid:

If you are a citizen of another EU or EEA or of Switzerland, you can get financial aid even if you have come to Finland to study. This requires that:

Visit Kela for current information and application procedures: www.kela.fi/web/en/students
Eligibility: www.kela.fi/web/en/financial-aid-for-students-eligibility

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