Shopping in Finland

This section is not about promoting 'Finnish specialty products', it's about regular shopping for Finnish residents. Hopefully it also helps you save some money.
This is a brief guide only, and does not constitute legal advice.

Shopping section:

  • Who Sells What? Finnish 'bricks & mortar' shopping directory by product, store opening hours
  • Online Shopping Online retailers, sales tax and customs duty, registering at Finnish sites
  • Food & Groceries Where to buy food and groceries with a focus on saving money
  • Loyalty Cards Saving money with loyalty cards for the major retail chains
  • Sales & Specials Finnish 'specials' often involve big discounts. How to find out about them!
  • Sales Tax FAQs Arvonlisävero (ALV/VAT/GST), included in price?, tax rates, tax & duty when shopping online
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