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Who Sells What? Finnish Retailers

This page is a brief directory of which shops sell what, in case you want to look up a nearby electronics store or shoe shop, for example. They are all real 'bricks & mortar' shops, which may or may not also offer online transactions. They all have at least a few branches, and most have branches throughout the country. Check their websites for addresses and opening hours; also check the Ale or Tarjoukset (Sale items, Specials) while you're there!

Site Translation
If you cannot navigate a Finnish-only site try
a) Google Chrome browser; right-click and Translate to English or
b) Open the site in Google Translate

Unlisted Products
To find local retailers for products not listed on this page:
1) Look up the Finnish word for the item you're seeking in Google Translate
2) Then, at Fonecta add that word and your location in the Henkilöt, yritykset, palvelut ja puhelinnumerot box

Hard to Find Products
If you're from somewhere other than Finland, you'd probably like to have certain products which are difficult, if not impossible, to find in Finland. If you have no luck on this page, try the Online Shopping page.

Store Opening Hours

Most Finnish shops are open Monday to Friday from 9:00 or 10:00 until 16:00 - 18:00, and on Saturdays until about 15:00 or 16:00. Supermarkets have extended hours, with many opening as early as 7:00 and closing as late as 22:00 every day, but hours differ between stores, even within the same chain. Supermarket hours are usually displayed in BIG letters on their windows, but may be confusing to non-Finns:

means the shop is open Monday - Friday 7am - 9pm, Saturday 7am - 6pm, and Sunday 12 noon - 9pm.
Department stores generally stay open later than small shops, until 20:00 - 23:00 on weekdays and 18:00 on Saturdays. In summer opening hours often change; some shops close a little earlier, and some open on Sundays. On public holidays some shops open for restricted hours. Helsinki Railway Station has, so far as I'm aware, the only supermarket in Finland open every day of the year!

Top Tip: 'Opening Hours' www.aukioloajat.com
Free site listing business hours for almost everything in Finland. Shops, pharmacies, medical centres, libraries, bars, restaurants, Alko and much more...
Site in Finnish but works well at Google Translate

Shopping Directory

Alphabetical, by product category
'Hard copy' bookshops with a decent foreign language selection include:
Akateeminen Kirjakauppa www.akateeminen.com
Suomalainen Kirjakauppa www.suomalainen.com
Both stores have occasional sales with substantial discounts (ex. €5 paperbacks), but new foreign language books are usually rather pricey in Finland! Alternatively, try:

At Fonecta, search autoliike and your location in the Henkilöt, yritykset, palvelut ja puhelinnumerot box

Clothes (many also sell shoes & accessories)
W=Women's M=Men's C=Children's
Aleksi 13 www.aleksi13.fi W/M
Citymarket www.k-citymarket.fi W/M/C
H&M www.hm.com/fi W/M/C
Lindex www.lindex.com W/C
Prisma www.prisma.fi C
Pukumies www.pukumies.fi M/W
Sokos www.sokos.fi W/M/C
Stockmann www.stockmann.com W/M/C

Department Stores
Clas Ohlson www.clasohlson.com/fi/
Sokos www.sokos.fi
Stockmann www.stockmann.com
Tokmanni www.tokmanni.fi

Electronics, Computers & Accessories, Home Appliances
Citymarket www.k-citymarket.fi
Clas Ohlson www.clasohlson.com/fi/
Euronics www.euronics.fi
Expert www.expert.fi
Gigantti www.gigantti.fi
Power www.power.fi
Prisma www.prisma.fi
Sokos www.sokos.fi
Stockmann www.stockmann.com
Verkkokauppa www.verkkokauppa.com

Eyewear & Opticians
Instrumentarium www.instru.fi
Silmäasema www.silmaasema.fi
Specsavers www.specsavers.fi
Synsam www.synsam.fi

Furniture & Interior
Asko www.asko.fi
IKEA www.ikea.fi
Jysk www.jysk.fi
Masku www.masku.com
Stemma www.stemma.fi
Unikulma *Beds www.unikulma.fi

Hardware / DIY / Home Improvement
Bauhaus www.bauhaus.fi
Clas Ohlson www.clasohlson.com/fi/
Hankkija www.hankkija.fi
Kodin Terra www.kodinterra.fi
K-rauta www.k-rauta.fi
RTV www.rtv.fi
S-rauta www.s-rauta.fi
Stark www.stark-suomi.fi (merged with Puukeskus, for wood)

Hypermarkets - combined supermarket / department stores
Citymarket www.k-citymarket.fi
Prisma www.prisma.fi

W=Women's M=Men's C=Children's
Citymarket www.k-citymarket.fi W/M/C
Kookenkä www.kookenka.fi W/M/C
Sokos www.sokos.fi W/M/C
Stockmann www.stockmann.com W/M/C
In the Finnish Yellow Pages, search kengät and your location in the Henkilöt, yritykset, palvelut ja puhelinnumerot box.
Naiset = Women's, Miehet = Men's, Lapset = Children's

Sports Equipment / Accessories / Clothing
Budget Sport www.budgetsport.fi
Intersport www.intersport.fi
Partioaitta www.partioaitta.fi
Top-Sport www.topsport.fi
XXL www.xxl.fi

Major Retailers

Most shops on this page are operated by, or operating in cooperation with, one of just two major retailing groups; the Kesko Corporation and S-Group. More information about them is provided on the Loyalty Cards page, which is about saving money.

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