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Internet Service Providers (ISP's) in Finland

High-speed Internet access is the standard both at work and at home in Finland. Service is absolutely reliable, and ISP subscription rates are reasonable. The Broadband for All 2015 project ensured that virtually all residences, businesses and public administration establishments are located within 2 km of a 100+ Mb/s broadband network.

Unlike many countries there are rarely data restrictions on fixed network usage in Finland; you can download an unlimited amount with no "excess" fees or reduction in connection speeds. This is not always the case with mobile network usage, but unlimited data packages are increasingly common. Use of wireless data on smartphones is rapidly increasing.

Finland's population of about 5.5 million has about 7.6 million mobile broadband subscriptions, and about 28% of Finnish households use mobile broadband as their only internet connection. Source: Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, 2016

Internet Connection Prices - Rough Guide

Fixed Broadband - Kiinteät laajakaistat
As of February 2017 you can pay about €20 per month for a 20 Mb/s ADSL connection. A 50 Mb/s connection may be €25 per month, a 100 Mb/s connection may be €30 per month, and 1000 Mb/s may be €40 per month.
Mobile Broadband - Mobiililaajakaistat
As of February 2017 you can pay about €15 per month for a 21 Mb/s 4G connection. A 50 Mb/s 4G connection may be about €18-24 per month, a 100 Mb/s 4G connection may be about €23-30 per month, and a 300 Mb/s 4G connection may be about €50 per month.
Tips: Shop around, prices vary widely and the special offers can be excellent ex. a fixed broadband connection with modem, and a mobile connection with wireless USB modem for €25-30 per month.
*Check the details of the offer; great prices usually mean commitment to a 6-month or one-year contract, and sometimes include additional setup costs and/or equipment charges

Tip: People are advised to check additional charges from local providers before using their mobile internet services outside Finland.

Finnish Internet Service Providers (ISP's)

Finland's biggest ISP's are Elisa Saunalahti, DNA, and Telia. They are also Telephone Operators and TV service providers.

Below are established providers as of February 2017. Services typically include mobile broadband, ADSL (connected to a fixed phone line), cable broadband (using the cable TV network), and fibre optic broadband (available in limited properties).

*Use Google Translate for sites not available in English.
Tip: Keywords include Laajakaista = Broadband, Kiinteä laajakaista = Fixed broadband, Mobiililaajakaista = Mobile broadband

*DNA and Telia have advised that visitors to Expat Finland do not fit their marketing profile.
Foreign residents in Finland have encountered obstacles with certain Finnish telecoms. For example, in 2016 Telia (formerly Sonera) published a short-lived 'Finns Only' policy for purchase of mobile devices by instalments. The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman indicated such a sales policy appeared to contravene Finland’s anti-discrimination laws. Source: Yle News

The list of ISP's is not comprehensive; the market changes often and there are also regional operators. See the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority for a full listing of communications services suppliers and their official prices (special offers not included):
www.viestintavirasto.fi/en/ > Statistics & Reports

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