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TV Online - Streaming Television - IPTV

Streaming television and Internet Protocol television (IPTV) deliver live, catch-up and on-demand TV via a network such as the Internet rather than traditional terrestrial, satellite or cable signals. Finland first used the technology over 15 years ago, but at that time connection speeds were too low to ensure smooth video delivery, and most people could only view it on a computer connected to the Internet - to watch IPTV on a 'regular' television you need to connect a streaming device.

Today streaming TV can be viewed via numerous streaming devices, smartphones, tablets, and 'smart TVs' with integrated Internet. Given that broadband access has become standard Finland-wide, streaming TV now works perfectly and provides a visual feast!

Finnish IPTV

IPTV is increasingly popular in Finland, but Cable / Pay TV packages also remain prominent. Packages in the Finnish IPTV market include:

Elisa Viihde: www.elisa.fi/viihde/
Numerous equipment offerings and entertainment packages you can watch through your set-top box, tablet or smartphone.
You can also watch Netflix through Elisa's set-top box.
Sales: 0800 464646
Customer Service in English: 0800 94200 Mon-Fri 08:00-20:00, Sat 09:00-16:30
Website is in Finnish but works great translated in Chrome browser! How?

Alternatively use Google Translate

Foreign residents have faced obstacles with certain Finnish telecoms, such as Telia/Sonera's 'Finns Only' policy for certain purchases in 2016.  Source: Yle News

Subscriber Internet TV

Some services which deliver films & TV over the internet to your streaming device, or to your TV via a streaming device, are gaining in popularity. See the following sites for details of program catalogues and system requirements:

Free Finnish Streaming TV Channels

All the main Finnish broadcasters provide 'netti-tv' services for their main channels as well as sister channels. They are completely free (registration may be required) and quite simple to use even if your Finnish is limited. It's possible the first time you use them you'll need to download a free plug-in such as Microsoft Silverlight if it's not already on your system. See the FAQ's after this list for more information.

Are there only Finnish programs available?
No, there are also foreign programs in their original languages. Due to copyright / intellectual property rights, locally produced programs are often allowed to remain online longer, so the available shows may be predominantly Finnish.
How long are programs available?
Some programs may only be available for 7 days after initial broadcast, for others it may be 30 days. It depends on copyright and the rights purchased by the channel.
Can programs be seen abroad?
Some programs are available abroad. Again, it depends on the channel and the program's intellectual property rights.
I don't speak Finnish - can I use netti-tv?
You can certainly try!
1) Click Ohjelmat, which means Programs, at the above sites - It's quite possible you'll recognise some shows on the list or
2) Here are some words you can search in the site's 'Haku' box:

  • Elokuva - Movie
  • Sarjat - Series
  • Dokumentit - Documentaries 
  • Urheilu - Sports
  • Viihde - Entertainment
  • Lastenohjelmat - Children's programs
  • Ajankohtaisohjelmat - Current Affairs
  • Komedia - Comedies
  • Draama - Drama
  • Uutiset - News
  • Kulttuuri - Culture
  • Taide - Arts
  • Reality, tosi-tv - Reality TV
  • Kotimaiset - Finnish
  • Ulkomaiset - Foreign

YouTube TV

YouTube is of course not a TV channel. However, it's mentioned here because people missing shows from their home countries will be pleased to find an increasing amount of foreign TV showing up on YouTube - not just 2 or 3 minute clips but complete episodes of TV shows, and movies too! So if there is something in particular you've been missing have a search at YouTube; you may be surprised.
YouTube: www.youtube.com
Top Tip: In your YouTube search add the term full episode or full version. Also, when searching use the Filter Long (20~ minutes)

World News Channels

Numerous free, live online news channels are available in many languages, including English, Arabic, German, French, Russian and Iranian. Check the following links for other language options.

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