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Pay TV - Premium Channels in Finland


Receiving Pay TV Channels

There are two steps to accessing Pay TV channels:
1) Subscription:
To access premium channels - which are already in the signal to your house or apartment, but scrambled - you need to contact the local Pay TV company , review their channel selection, and purchase a subscription to the pay-TV channel package(s) you want.
2) Smart Card: You will then be provided with a smart card (also called TV card, smartcard, viewing card), which is inserted into the cardreader slot on your TV, set top box, or PVR / DVR.
Important: Smart cards cannot be directly inserted into all TVs! You may need to purchase a separate cardreader (kortinlukija) module which plugs into the CI slot of your TV. You then insert the smart card into the module.

DVB-C: 'Cable Buildings'
In most apartment buildings the housing company maintains a basic subscription with the local cable TV company on behalf of all tenants/shareholders. The signal is fed to all apartments, and typically includes the free-to-air channels plus a couple of extras. The documentation for your apartment will tell you what system and TV company your building uses. Your building manager or a neighbour can also tell you. The fee for basic cable is already included in your rent or maintenance fee. Everyone pays - individual apartments typically can't opt out.

DVB-T: 'Terrestrial Buildings'
Terrestrial buildings receive TV signals to an antenna rather than via cable. The housing companies typically have a similar deal to the cable situation above, and they will have a communal antenna and RF distribution system for all the apartments. Scrambled terrestrial pay channels will be available from different operators, and you can choose the channels/packages to subscribe to. Some buildings may not be set up to receive all the locally available channels.

Subscribing to Pay TV Channels

There are almost 200 channels available, depending on your operator and package. To subscribe to additional, premium TV channels:

Cable Households

Elisa www.elisa.fi/kaapeli-tv/
Over 30 free TV channels, with nearly 200 available using the Elisa Kanavakortti smart card. Packages include sports, movies, family, educational and more.
Sales: 0800 464646
Customer Service in English: 010 190 262
Mon-Fri 08:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-16:30

*DNA and Telia have advised that visitors to Expat Finland do not fit their marketing profile.
Foreign residents in Finland have encountered obstacles with certain Finnish telecoms. For example, in 2016 Telia (formerly Sonera) published a short-lived 'Finns Only' policy for purchase of mobile devices by instalments. The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman indicated such a sales policy appeared to contravene Finland’s anti-discrimination laws. Source: Yle News

Antenna Households

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