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Finnish Radio Stations

Finnish National Radio Stations

YLE is Finland's national public service broadcasting company. Most of YLE's radio station sites are in Finnish only.

Private Radio Stations in Finland

There are too many private stations in Finland for Expat Finland to list! Thankfully RadioMedia, founded in 1999 to promote and develop the Finnish radio industry, has a comprehensive list of all private stations, their frequencies, and links to their sites. You can search for stations by region, or check the demographics to see which stations might appeal to you.

RadioMedia is in Finnish. Translations work well in Chrome browser (How?). Alternatively use Google Translate or follow these steps to:

Find a Station in Your Area
www.radiomedia.fi > Radioasemat > Radioasemien kuntahaku > Scroll down and select your city in the Kuntahaku box
All stations in your area will appear on screen. Click them for further details.

Search for the Right Demographic
www.radiomedia.fi > Radioasemat > Radioiden mediakortit
These are the Listener Figures, Finland-wide:
Column 1 shows the Station, column 2 the Type of Station (Regional / National), column 3 the Amount of Listeners per Weeek, and column 4 the Age Range of Listeners in %.
You can click on any station's name for a lot more information, including broadcast frequencies (taajuudet).

Online Radio - Streaming

If you look around RadioMedia for long, you'll see that most radio stations are described as 'FM & Streaming' - that means that the stations are broadcasting live over the internet. If you visit those sites you will be able to access free high fidelity streaming radio! It doesn't use a lot of bandwidth, so it shouldn't affect your connection much, or anything else you're doing on your computer/device.

RadioMedia provides links to stations' sites. Alternatively, if there's a station you already know the name of but not the address, try typing the name + .fi in your browser ex. radionova.fi and it will often work. Or Google "radio nova". You'll get there easily, somehow!

When you get to the station's site, the Streaming radio link should be reasonably clear; it may say nettradio, it may be a picture of a speaker, or musical notes, or a Play button you need to click... hopefully your intuition will see you through.

For me, streaming radio is great; I brought my tuner here from abroad and it doesn't actually get many Finnish radio stations. Streaming radio suddenly makes them all accessible - brilliant!

Foreign Language Radio in Helsinki

YLE Mondo is a 'world radio channel' with broadcasts in English, German, Russian, Estonian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian and French. Most programming comes from international radio services, but Mondo produces its own extensive service in Russian, news in English, Finnish language lessons, and programming in 'plain Finnish' - a simplified form of Finnish for easier understanding by immigrants and other students of Finnish language.

YLE Mondo is available 24 hours a day in Helsinki, broadcasting on FM 97.5 MHz (cable 107.3). It is also available throughout Finland as part of YLE Digital TV services.

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