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Satellite Television in Finland

Satellite TV is not common in Finland. As in other Nordic countries, Viasat and Canal Digital were the competing satellite platforms; they have now merged to form Allente.

Finland's 'extreme' northerly location can make it difficult to receive a good signal, and people's experiences with satellite TV are not always positive. It's worth doing some research before you invest in a satellite system; it may be that everything will work great, but it could also be that your apartment faces the wrong direction for you to get what you're hoping for at all!

You should have a reasonably large dish, and you also have to ensure you have a decent 'window' to the south to point the dish at. If you plan to install the dish on the balcony of an apartment, first make sure with your building manager that you are allowed to do so! If you are NOT allowed,Allente says dishes can also be installed inside the apartment.

I am no expert regarding satellite TV; it's all a matter of finding the right advice. The best local knowledge will come from a discussion forum such as Finland Forum - search satellite, for example, and check the topic headlines in the results to see which posts apply to your situation.

Sky Television

A popular demand is for Sky Television; it seems a lot of expats out there can't do without it! Sky TV can be received in Finland but not always with ease; in some situations I believe it's impossible. From what I gather:

Finnish Satellite TV Operator

Canal Digital and Viasat have merged to form Allente, offering comprehensive satellite TV channel packages. Finnish site only. It's my understanding that when a fixed-term contract is made, Allente provides the basic equipment (ex. a satellite set-top box, satellite dish, antenna cables) as well as installation. I also think you need a separate set-top box for each TV you want to view Allente channels on, and that extra boxes mean additional charges. My understanding of the details is limited - make sure you know what you're getting before signing up!
Allente: allente.fi or Phone 0207 699 000 Mon-Fri 08.00 - 20.00, Sat 10.00 - 16.00 Charges apply

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