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Telephone Operators & Services in Finland

Police and Emergency Services: Phone 112
Directory Enquiries: Phone 118
General Enquiries:
Phone 020202  Timetables, route guidance, weather & more!

Please note: any information on charges and prices given on this page is subject to change.

Mobile / Cell Phones & Accounts in Finland

Accounts: Getting Connected
Landlines were consigned to history long ago in Finland, but are available if you need one. There is no set-up fee for a mobile phone account, but if you don't have a Finnish credit history you may need to pay a deposit to open a mobile phone line. The deposit can be substantial but is fully refundable when either you cancel the service or the 'trial period' of up to 2 years is over. Alternatively, when you first arrive in Finland a prepaid service can be the quickest and cheapest way to get set up.

Mobile services, including broadband, are reasonably priced. Rates for all services can vary significantly between operators, so shop around for the best deal and look at packages and special offers; these are increasingly common as competition is high.

You can usually arrange a telephone line over the phone; the SIM cards will be posted to you.
Get connected: call a Mobile Phone Operator

Buying a Phone
'Phone' is puhelin in Finnish. 'Smartphone' is älypuhelin. 'Mobile / cell phone' is matkapuhelin, kännykkä, känny, or käsipuhelin.
If you need a phone:

Prepaid Mobile & Data Services in Finland

Prepaid packages are an easy way to get started with a Finnish mobile phone service, and a deposit is not required when setting up prepaid services. In recent years prices have dropped, and services have expanded to include Internet access.

Prepaid subscriptions can be purchased from outlets including R-Kioskis and larger service stations, as well as online. Simply buy a package, install the supplied SIM card, key in the codes provided and start using your phone. Your new phone number is included with the package. You will be alerted when your airtime is running out, and can then 'top up' the subscription from a dealer or online.

Elisa Saunalahti Prepaid: Easy to use, no bills and no monthly fees. Phone calls, messages and Internet services immediately ready for use. Works on Elisa's 3G / 4G networks and abroad. The Starter Kit is €5.90 and includes €6.00 talk time. Supplied with SIM Cards for all devices (Mini / Micro / Nano). Credit can be topped up at Otto ATMs, Elisa stores, R-Kioskis, ABC and Shell service stations, and Prisma, S-Market, Alepa, Sale and K-Market stores.
Information: elisa.fi - Saunalahti Prepaid
Customer Service in English: 010 190 262 Mon-Fri 08:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-16:30
Prepaid Data Packages are also available. All Saunalahti Prepaid data packages include unlimited 3G/4G data over Elisa’s network in Finland, and can be supplied with a router or SIM card. You can also pay for data on a daily or weekly basis - very handy if you're visiting Finland for a short time!

Finnish Phone Carriers & Operators

Finland's major mobile operators are Elisa Saunalahti, DNA, and Telia.

Elisa Saunalahti: elisa.fi - Saunalahti-puheliittymät
Select your talktime, messaging and Internet requirements to customise a plan for your needs!
Customer Service in English: 010 190 262 Mon-Fri 08:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-16:30
Elisa Saunalahti is also an ISP and TV service provider.

Other Operators

Globetel   www.globetel.fi  09 228 9100
Lounea www.lounea.fi 0800 30300
DNA* www.dna.fi

*DNA and Telia have advised that visitors to Expat Finland do not fit their marketing profile.
Foreign residents in Finland have faced obstacles with certain Finnish telecoms. For example, in 2016 Telia (formerly Sonera) published a short-lived 'Finns Only' policy for purchase of mobile devices by instalments. The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman indicated such a sales policy appeared to contravene Finland’s anti-discrimination laws. Source: Yle News

The telecoms market changes often and there are many small regional operators as well as MVNO's (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) using the wireless network infrastructure of other mobile network operators. See the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency for a full listing of communications services suppliers and their official prices (special offers not included):
www.traficom.fi/en/ > Communications > Broadband and Telephone

International Calls from Finland: Switching Operators

When using your mobile for international calls, you can choose which operator you would like to handle individual calls. Operators' rates per minute vary dramatically. Not only that but one operator may have cheap rates to one country while their rates to another country are comparatively high. Check the operators above for their rates to various countries; you may find one that will allow you to "phone home" cheap! Please note that you have to add the local network charge to the prices given on the Web pages. Sometimes the prices are shown without the 24% sales tax (ALV).

To call with a different operator: Normally when making an international call from a mobile you key the + sign first; this simply specifies that the call will be placed through your regular operator. Instead, key in the prefix of the operator you want to handle the call*, then the country code, area code and phone number as usual.
Ex: 999 (Elisa prefix) 61 (country code) 2 (area code) 9234 5678 (number)
Finnish Operator Prefixes > Ulkomaanpuhelun operaattoritunnukset Suomessa
*Some operators require you to register - check their sites for details

Cheap International Calls

VoIP: Calling Over the Internet

VoIP means "Voice over Internet Protocol" - essentially, using the Internet to relay your phone call. Using VoIP can save about 95% of the cost of calling an international landline.
Free calls can be made between devices which both use a VoIP service and software client such as Skype or WhatsApp. Services are available on a wide range of platforms including computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming platforms, and smart TVs.
Cheap calls can also be made with VoIP to landline telephones and mobile phones; these are usually charged via an account system and are a fraction of the cost of using your standard operator.

Most services for Internet calls work on the same procedure:

  1. Register with the service
  2. Download the software (app / 'client')
  3. Buy 'phone time' if necessary
  4. Make the call

Skype is a leader in the VoIP field. Started in 2003, Skype is free, works extremely well and is easy to download and install. It works on numerous devices and apart from VoIP calling, allows video conferencing, file transfers, messaging and more.
Skype: www.skype.com

WhatsApp Messenger is a very popular freeware application for smartphones. It uses the Internet to make voice calls, one-to-one video calls, and send text messages, attachments and more.
Whatsapp: www.whatsapp.com

Competing Services
Depending on your needs the following services may be preferable:

Landline / Fixed Phone Services in Finland

So you're a nostalgia buff and you want a landline (lankapuhelin)? You'll be the only person in a 10km radius to have one, so maybe you can start a retro trend! Contact Elisa regarding installation of landlines.
Elisa.fi - Landlines Finnish only

Pricing depends on the package you purchase; this is an indication only for a home phone:

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