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Coronavirus in Finland: Travel Status
New cases of COVID-19 remain high in Finland.
Masks are required on public transport.
See authorties' and travel companies' websites for current rules and recommendations:
Ministry for Foreign Affairs: International Travel
Air Travel: Finavia
Public Transport: Helsinki
Public Transport: Other Cities
Public Transport: Intercity
FAQs: Finnish Govt info on all aspects of Corona - events, meetings, business +

Intercity Bus & Train Services in Finland

This page refers to long distance bus and train services between Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Hämeenlinna, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Kajaani, Kotka, Kuopio, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Mikkeli, Oulu, Pori, Rauma, Riihimäki, Rovaniemi, Savonlinna, Seinäjoki, Tampere, Turku, Vaasa and more.
Onnibus offers cheap bus tickets for the following routes: Helsinki - Turku (Raisio), Helsinki - Tampere, Helsinki - Pori, Helsinki - Rauma, Helsinki - Forssa, Helsinki - Jyväskylä, Helsinki - Kajaani, Tampere - Pori, Tampere (Hervanta) - Turku, Tampere - Jyväskylä, Oulu - Jyväskylä, Turku (Raisio) - Jyväskylä, Turku (Raisio) - Helsinki - Kuopio, Turku (Raisio) - Oulu - Ylläs

Long distance public transport in Finland is modern, safe, comfortable and punctual, with routes all over the country. Buses and trains are air-conditioned, with reclining seats and bathrooms. Most include free power and Wi-Fi.

Ticket prices
vary widely - even for departures within one hour from the same company - so check the schedules carefully!
Specials are not always published in English. Check Finnish versions of sites for the magic words Tarjous, Tarjoukset, Säästö or Erikoishinta, which all indicate specials.

Finnish-English travel dictionary: Useful words / phrases Show

  • Hae - Search
  • Matkalippu, Lippu - Ticket
  • Lipunmyynti - Ticket sales
  • Menolippu - Single ticket
  • Menopaluulippu - Return ticket
  • Satama - Port / Harbour
  • Lentoasema - Airport
  • Rautatieasema - Railway station
  • Linja-autoasema - Bus station
  • Pysäkki - Bus stop
  • Katajanokka, Eteläsatama, Kanavaterminaali, Länsiterminaali, Olympiaterminaali
    Names of passenger terminals in Helsinki for ships to Sweden and Estonia
  • Aikuinen - Adult
  • Opiskelija - Student
  • Lapsi - Child
  • Matkustaja - Passenger
  • Reitti - Route
  • Aikataulu - Timetable
  • Matkatavarat - Luggage, baggage
  • Kaikki päivät - Every day
  • Lähtöpaikka - Point of departure
  • Lähtoaika - Departure time
  • Matka-aika - Journey time
  • Saapumispaikka - Destination
  • Saapumisaika - Arrival time
  • Saapumispaikka, Määräpaikka - Destination
  • Maksuväline - Method of payment
  • Käteinen - Cash
  • Luottokortti - Credit card
  • Maksaminen - Payment
  • Sanakirja.org Finnish > English > Finnish Dictionary
  • Close dictionary

Finnish Buses & Coaches

Long distance bus and coach services are regular and frequent, even to remote parts of the country. Buses are clean and modern with air conditioning, reclining seats, seat belts and bathrooms. Individual power outlets and Wi-Fi are increasingly common and provided free.

The oldest bus consortiums are Matkahuolto and ExpressBus. Comparatively new to the market are Onnibus, who since 2014 have shaken things up with ticket prices about one-quarter those previously available.

Bus stations have restaurants and shops. Baggage left at one station is dispatched to its destination, even when bus transfers and different bus companies are involved.

Onnibus offers cheap long-distance bus fares Finland-wide, with routes extending as far north as Levi in Lapland. The bigger destinations include Helsinki, Turku, Pori, Tampere, Vaasa, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Kajaani, Kuopio and Kotka, with stops at smaller towns in between.
website: The English version of the Onnibus site is comprehensive and easy-to-use, with information on tickets, timetables, routes, bus stops, bus facilities and more.
Ticket purchases can be made online, with numerous payment options (credit card, online banking etc.)
Onnibus www.onnibus.com - En, Fi
Customer Service Tel: 0600 02010 Limited hours. Call charge € 0.99 / min + local network charge.

website: Tickets, timetables, and fare information.
Ticket purchases can be made online or from Matkahuolto terminals, Matkahuolto agents and many travel agencies.
Regular travellers: Matkahuolto offers season or multiple-trip tickets loaded onto a Travel Card. Travel Cards can be topped up at R Kiosks and onboard most buses.
Matkahuolto www.matkahuolto.fi - En, Fi, Sw
Timetable service, Tel: 0200 4000 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call charge € 1.99 / min + local network charge.
Matkahuolto also provides economical, reliable parcel services.

website:Tickets, timetables, routes and bus stops.
Ticket purchases can be made online or from bus drivers or various outlets - see site for details.
ExpressBus accepts Matkahuolto Travel Cards.
ExpressBus www.expressbus.fi - En, Ru, Fi, Sw
ExpressBus journey information is available from the Matkahuolto service.
Tel: 0200 4000 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call charge € 1.99 / min + local network charge.

Long Distance Trains

I like the direct translation of the Finnish word for railway, rautatie - iron road.  Tough stuff!

Finnish commuter and long distance trains are operated by VR. The rail network extends northwards to Kolari, north of Rovaniemi, and the trains are fast, comfortable, and punctual. Intercity trains are well serviced and have free power outlets, WLAN and mobile phone coverage.

Tickets+ Online
The VR website has loads of information, including full details of train types, facilities and services, so you can choose your destination and the type of train you get there in.
Tickets, timetables, services, tips and offers, services for business travellers and more at
VR www.vr.fi - En, Ru, Sw, Fi

Veturi - Cheap Train Tickets
It's a great idea to sign up, free, for VR's loyalty program Veturi. You'll receive regular email offers from VR for special deals, which can be very good. Discount tickets are typically 50%-85% off normal prices. In October 2014 there was an offer for €10 tickets to anywhere in Finland.
Veturi www.vr.fi > EN > Veturi

VR's special offers are now published in English. Many are only available to Veturi members.
Specials www.vr.fi > EN > Tips and offers > See al offers

Long-distance Journey Planner

The Finnish Transport Agency provides a point-to-point long-distance journey planner for Finland. Enter your starting point, destination, and departure or arrival time for results including flights, rail and bus connections, and walking routes. You can save your regular routes for later searches. The free service also includes local transport connections for 21 cities.
opas.matka.fi - En, Sw, Fi

Freight & Courier Service in Finland

The bus company Matkahuolto also provides a range of parcel services which utilise its frequent buses and broad route coverage to deliver goods all over Finland. Dispatch and delivery can be between various Matkahuolto service points, and they also provide door-to-door services. I personally recommend this service; it's well-priced and reliable.

The site has information on services, packing etc. and a price calculator and Service Point search.
Matkahuolto www.matkahuolto.fi - En, Fi, Sw

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