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Finnish Travel Agencies

This page includes online travel agencies and full-service travel agencies.

Full-service agencies offer holidays and package tours to popular destinations; these agencies generally provide transportation, tour guides and additional services at the destination to assist their clients. Many are also able to arrange fully customised travel itineraries worldwide for their clients.

Online travel agencies do not provide the same level of service. They are essentially online shops where the user can search for and purchase cheap flights, package tours, or accommodation from a number of airlines and/or operators, and look after themselves from then on.

Top Tip: Many companies on this page promote Last Minute Deals - äkkilähdöt / Tarjoukset or similar at their sites. You can also register to receive notification of special offers by e-mail - even before they go online! In either case, the deals can be very good value. You will probably have to be prepared to leave within 1-3 weeks, but an offer like €350 for flights and a week in a three or four-star hotel, including breakfast, next to the beach in a southern European resort would not be unusual. Great value if you have the time!

Not many sites have full English versions. Online bookings generally don't work in Google Translate, so to use a Finnish-language site open it in Finnish in one window, and open it in Google Translate in a separate tab/window. Using the translation as a reference, make your searches and bookings in the original Finnish site.

Online Travel Agencies

Full-Service Travel Agencies