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Ukraine: Travel Implications
Updated 19 August 2022
The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs urges cancellation of all travel to Russia.
It is impossible to transfer money to/from Russia, or to use foreign cards for payment or to withdraw cash from ATMs in Russia.
The EU has banned Russian planes from EU airspace, which includes Finnish airspace.
Finnair flights in Russian airspace cancelled until further notice.
Finnair operations in Ukrainian airspace suspended until further notice.
Finnair flights to Osaka cancelled until 29 October 2022.
Finnair flights on some routes are longer due to re-routing to avoid Russian airspace.
Finnair Updates

Coronavirus in Finland: Travel Status
New cases of COVID-19 remain high in Finland.
Masks are recommended but not required on public transport.
International travel is back to normal in almost all respects.
See authorities' and travel companies' websites for current rules and recommendations:
Finnish Government: International Travel
Air Travel: Finavia
Public Transport: Helsinki
Public Transport: Other Cities
Public Transport: Intercity
FAQs: Finnish Govt info and portal for all aspects of Corona

Finnish Travel Guides

Apart from the guides listed here, check the Events & Happenings page which includes events calendars for Finland sorted by activity and location; perhaps the Savonlinna Opera Festival or the Wife Carrying World Championships will change your travel plans entirely!


VisitFinland is the Official Travel Site of Finland by the Finnish Tourist Board. The unusual breakdown of this site will not only help you find the particular information you may have come for, but also lead you to travel ideas you may not have thought of - but which will be relevant and eye-opening. For example you can check

Each page of VisitFinland contains well written and presented articles, with numerous links to related organisations, authorities and sites. The only problem with this site is you may end up spending a lot more time here than you'd planned, as you investigate the new ideas presented to you! For example, typing cycling in the search box has led me to a four day bike trip through the archipelago, including accommodation, sauna, breakfast and dinner, bicycle and bicycle bag rental, route maps, ferry tickets......

VisitFinland.com: www.visitfinland.com - In ten languages

Fun in the Forests! Nationalparks.fi

Finnish Forest Facts

This site is run by the Finnish Forestry Administration, Metsähallitus. It provides a wealth of information for anyone interested in outdoor activities in Finland. The site includes

Berry and Mushroom Picking
The Arctic Flavours Association has information about Finnish berries, herbs and mushrooms - what they look like, how to pick them, where they can be found, which ones are poisonous, and your 'Everyman's Right' to gather them. Recipes are also provided, including Dandelion Leaf Pesto and Nettle Soup!
Arktiset Aromit : www.arktisetaromit.fi - In ten languages

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