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Ukraine: Travel Implications
Updated 2 March 2023
The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs urges cancellation of all travel to Russia.
It is impossible to transfer money to/from Russia, or to use foreign cards for payment or to withdraw cash from ATMs in Russia.
The EU has banned Russian planes from EU airspace, which includes Finnish airspace.
Finnair flights in Russian airspace cancelled until further notice.
Finnair operations in Ukrainian airspace suspended until further notice.
Finnair flights on some routes are longer due to re-routing to avoid Russian airspace.
Finnair Updates

Travel in Finland

This section focuses on travel within Finland, but also tells you how to get out! The Cruises page will get you to the archipelago, Åland, Stockholm, Tallinn and St. Petersburg, and there's a Travel agencies page for trips further abroad. Hyvää matkaa.
St. Petersburg: Due to Ukraine, journeys are cancelled until further notice.
Tip: Finland's municipal Route Planners are terrific; door-to-door, step-by-step directions and options for your trip!

Travel & Transit section:

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