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This section focuses on travel within Finland, but also tells you how to get out! The Cruises page will get you to the archipelago, Åland, Stockholm, Tallinn and St. Petersburg, and there's a Travel agencies page for trips further abroad. Hyvää matkaa.
St. Petersburg: Due to Ukraine, journeys are cancelled until further notice.
Tip: Finland's municipal Route Planners are terrific; door-to-door, step-by-step directions and options for your trip!

Travel & Transport section:

  • Finnish Travel Guides Day trips and travel guides, letting you plan your holiday by destination, season or even your favourite activity!
  • Finnish Adventures Uniquely Finnish holidays, activities and tours, including 'extreme' adventures
  • Finnish Travel Agencies Full-service, online, and activity travel agencies in Finland
  • Accommodation Cabins & cottages, Bed & breakfasts, Holiday homes and apartments, Hotels, Hostels, Camping & camp sites
  • Cruises & Ferries Cruise to Stockholm and see Åland and the archipelago, or visit Tallinn and St.Petersburg!
  • Flights & Airports Domestic airlines, schedules, bookings, Finland-wide airports and services
  • Long Distance Buses & Trains Intercity travel in Finland. Travel to St. Petersburg. Domestic freight and courier service
  • Local Public Transport Helsinki region, City Bikes, Helsinki Airport, public transport city by city, ferries Finland-wide, Suomenlinna ferry
  • Car Hire / Rental & Sharing Car rental companies; Van, Mini-bus, 4-Wheel Drive, Motor home. Car sharing. Limousines
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