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Fingerpori in English! By Pertti Jarla

Expat Finland has very generously been given permission to publish some early strips from one of Finland's most popular cartoons, Fingerpori. These are rare; very few have been translated into English, and the translations have been done by the man himself, Pertti Jarla.

If you like these, visit the publisher's site at www.sarjakuva.com and demand a book in English! If you can speak Finnish, Fingerpori appears daily in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, and the official web site is at www.fingerpori.org

Check out a different side of Pertti Jarla's work, Captain Cherep, a fictitious adventure story set in the Russian Civil War. Captions in English.
"This is my first attempt at serious comic storytelling, made very slowly from 2005 to 2013."

Images will load as you scroll down. For more Finnish humour check the Finnish Jokes page.

For Pertti Jarla fans, check out a different side of his work, Captain Cherep