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Fingerpori in English! By Pertti Jarla

October 2014: The people have spoken, and Fingerpori's publishers have met your demands. Now in glorious full black and white, published on 100% recycled or bad quality paper, almost 300 Fingerpori strips in English: Fingerpori From Finland!

Available for purchase at Arktinen Banaani. If you can't work out the Finnish site, click Asiakaspalvelu (Customer Service) for an e-mail address and phone number for people who may help you, depending on the size of their hangovers.

You can also see a different side of Pertti Jarla's work, Captain Cherep, a fictitious adventure story set in the Russian Civil War. Captions in English.

The comics will load as you scroll down. For more Finnish humour check the Finnish Jokes page.

For Pertti Jarla fans, check out a different side of his work, Captain Cherep